Currently reading: Aston Martin production and sales volumes hit nine-year high
The DB11 has driven growth, with 2017 sales growing 58% year-on-year; growth in China, UK and US

Aston Martin has posted production and sales volumes at a nine-year high, spurred by demand for the new Aston Martin DB11

A growth in sales of 58% over 2016 takes Aston Martin’s revenue to in excess of £840 million, with 5117 cars delivered across 2017. This revenue equates to pre-tax profits of more than £180 million.

The profits are also bolstered by low-volume projects such as a DB4 GT continuation and the limited-run Zagato range, deliveries of which conclude in 2018 with the Speedster and Shooting Brake. 

Growth in key markets, including China, the UK and the US, bolstered the bumper year for the Gaydon-based brand. 

This will be good news for Aston Martin’s owners, who are reportedly considering a flotation of the company on the stock market. 

CEO Andy Palmer said: “We continue to perform ahead of expectations, both in terms of financial performance and in meeting our targets for the DB11 and special vehicles. This strong sales performance shows that our Second Century transformation plan is building momentum.”

First deliveries of the new Vantagewhich is expected to become the brand’s best-seller, are due in early 2018. A raft of new products is scheduled subsequently, including a revival of the Lagonda brand and the launch of Aston Martin’s first SUV and a new mid-engined supercar.

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yvesferrer 6 January 2018


A quick Google search reveals that Ferrari have sold in excess of 8 000 cars (output deliberately limited!) and enjoyed a return of 3.3 Billion euros for 2017...

Something does not add up somewhere.

RCT V 4 January 2018

£180 million / 5,117 vehs =

£180 million / 5,117 vehs =

£180,000 / 5 = approximately

£36,000-00 gross profit per vehicle ?!

xxxx 5 January 2018

Stats etc

Not that simple I'm affaid. 25 DB4 GTs at £1.5 million, then there's the clothing range etc.

Saucerer 4 January 2018

It's reassuring to hear that

It's reassuring to hear that increased production is matched by increased sales otherwise Aston Martin would be like a mass volume manfacturer and stock-piling cars rather than building most of their cars to order.