Currently reading: 2026 Bentley EV to feature hands-off driving tech
UK brand's first electric car is set to offer hands-free, eyes-off ‘full autonomous’ driving later

Bentley’s first electric car, due on sale in 2026, will be available with hands-free driving capability, brand CEO Adrian Hallmark has said.

The new EV – which will be unveiled in 2025 – will be built on the new PPE (Performance Platform Electric) architecture developed alongside Audi and Porsche and use the Volkswagen Group’s software 1.2, which enables hands-free driving.

Hallmark confirmed Bentley will use Mobileye’s SuperVision technology, recently confirmed for the Porsche e-Macan on the same platform, which uses 11 cameras, Mobileye’s EyeQ5 chip and crowd-sourced high-definition maps to allow hands-off, eyes-on level-two-plus autonomy.

The Bentley EV will initially offer ‘partial’ hands-off driving on motorways and automated parking, with ‘full autonomous’ coming later, Hallmark told Autocar. 

Mobileye has said SuperVision allows for level-three, hands-free, eyes-off autonomy on motorways.

The slow development of the 1.2 software within the Volkswagen Group has led to the delay of the Bentley EV, as well as the Porsche e-Macan and Audi Q6 E-tron on the same platform.

The final approval of the 1.2 software, aimed at premium cars within the Volkswagen Group, is now being led by ex-Bentley manufacturing head Peter Bosch, who was appointed head of the Cariad software unit in May following a shake-up in the troubled division.

The PPE electric architecture will allow power of up to 939bhp, Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume told investors earlier this week, giving a hint at the likely output of the Bentley. 

Hallmark has previously said the EV will be “an incremental product” to the current line-up. “We intend to create not just an EV but to shape a segment too,” he told Autocar last year. 

Bentley plans five new electric cars in five years starting from the unveiling of the first, segment-busting car in 2025. 

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catnip 23 June 2023

The talk of "software" and "Volkswagen group" in the same sentence makes me shudder.

martini98 23 June 2023
But what about all the chauffeurs that will lose their jobs?!
KeithS 23 June 2023

Great idea, although I understand Ford on their Mustang EV already offer 'eyes on, hands free driving' on motorways since the law changed in April.

I have level two (and a bit!) autonomy  on my Genesis Electrified G80, and I think it's fantastic, so I enthusiastically await full autonomous tech, although given the complexity of fully autonomous technology in having to deal with every eventuality I think we are a still a long way from seeing this, particularly given the smaller roads etc that we have here and in Europe.