Currently reading: Closed road racing moves a step closer in the UK
UK government approves legislation that makes closed road racing a realistic prospect

The prospect of motor racing on closed roads in the UK has moved a step closer after the approval of a piece of legislation that will make it cheaper and easier to organise such events.

The government has approved a piece of primary legislation, called the Deregulation Bill, which contains a framework that eliminates the need for an expensive act of parliament to suspend the Road Traffic Act for each individual event.

Rob Jones, the chief executive of the Motor Sports Association, hailed the development. "“This landmark development is the result of a lot of hard work by a small handful of people behind the scenes, with vital backing from thousands of supporters within the British motor sport community," he said.

The UK motorsport governing body has been campaigning for several years for such a change.

The primary legislation still requires a final legislation to be passed before it becomes law, but the Motor Sports Association says it will work hard to ensure this happens as soon as possible following May's general election.

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Peter Cavellini 28 March 2015

What about the..........?

The rules and regs would have to be drawn up,we have had People killed injured at Rally events,have a run what you bring opens up a lot of questions,don't get me wrong,i'd like to see this kind of Racing also.
5wheels 27 March 2015


Closed Road asphalt racing is so so important to the motor sports fraternity. I actually was unaware that the UK had such an archaic situation preventing this. I have performed many closed road events in Greece over the years and there is absolutely NOTHING in this world more exciting than plonking a set of sticky slicks on even the lowlies set of wheel and giving it fully welly. Like overgrown karts really and this can only encourage future F1 drivers to come through or at the very least WTC as a step up