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Jaguar makes the best cars to own, according to survey results, while Skoda Superb is best individual car
Darren Moss
2 mins read
24 May 2013

Jaguar has been named the best manufacturer in the 2013 JD Power customer satisfaction survey.

The survey of 16,000 car owners in the UK covers 116 models that are between a year and three years old. Owners rank their vehicles on 66 criteria, which are grouped to deliver an overall score. Points are accumulated for good reliability, performance, service and running costs.

Jaguar's victory came off the back of the Jaguar XF, which finished third overall in the entire survey, as owners rated it as "excellent" in every area. In particular they praised reliability, dealership service and servicing and repair work.

In the manufacturer standings, Jaguar headed Lexus and Honda. Lexus scored highly for dealer service and reliability across its range, with the fourth placed overall Lexus RX topping its results, as well as winning the best large SUV award.

The Honda Jazz finished in sixth overall and as top-placed Honda model. The XF was only beaten by two models from Skoda, the Superb and the Yeti, with the Czech manufacturer finishing fourth overall in the manufacturer rankings.

Chevrolet came at the bottom according to the survey, with the Chevrolet Spark ranked last overall.

The JD Power survey, which is compiled in conjunction with What Car?, measures vehicle ownership and customer satisfaction based on 66 parameters. Vehicle appeal, quality & reliability, ownership costs and dealer service satisfaction form the four main areas of the survey. 

Respondents involved in the survey had an average age of fifty. 58 per cent were male and 42 per cent were female; in total they collectively drove 340 million miles.

The full results of the survey are available at What Car?.

Top ten car brands: 1. Jaguar; 2. Lexus; 3. Honda; 4. Skoda; 5. Mercedes-Benz; 6. Land Rover; 7. Volvo; 8. Toyota; 9= Nissan, Seat, Volkswagen.

Bottom five car brands (lowest placed first): 27. Chevrolet; 26. Alfa Romeo; 25. Mitsubishi; 24. Peugeot; 23. Fiat.

Top ten cars: 1. Skoda Superb; 2. Skoda Yeti; 3. Jaguar XF; 4= Citroen DS3, Lexus RX; 6= Honda Jazz, Volkswagen Passat CC; 8. Volvo S60/V60; 9= Lexus IS, Mercedes-Benz B-class, Toyota Prius.

Bottom five cars (lowest placed first): 116. Chevrolet Spark; 155. Alfa Romeo Mito; 114. Fiat Grande Punto/Punto Evo; 113 Ford Ka; 112 Fiat Panda. 


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24 May 2013

Skoda has the top two cars, but is 'only' 4th in the top 10 brands? Also, Citroen DS3 is joint 4th? 

24 May 2013

looking forward to the brand obsessive pinheads here explain how owners voted something as magnificent as a BMW into the bottom ten.

In the U.S. last year both BMW and Audi fell behind Jaguar in quality ratings, the latter clocking in at merely "average" where Jaguar were picking up full marks. See for yourself.

Where's the bias there eh?

24 May 2013

I was expecting an anti Jaguar rant. They're always my favourite. I wonder how 16,000 can be biased.

Just a word on Lexus, their cars are a bit dull to drive, but the dealerships are excellent. The one in Glasgow has a car wash club on a Saturday morning. They have nice pastries to go with the excellent coffee while you wait for them to wash your Lexy. Ideal if you are a bit lazy, tight and tubby. Ahem. 

24 May 2013

Mein Gott, Das Fuehrer will be furious!

JD Power is obviously owned by the Autocar/JLR Axis Of Evil. Their sales are zero, the only JLR cars on the road are the free ones that they give to Autocar staff and their friends and family. The XF is too heavy and the Cayenne Turbo will beat it 0-60.

I miss BenzPassionBlog since we were both fired for gross indecency in the toilets at the JLR factory.


24 May 2013

If the average age of those surveyed are fifty than surely they are eliminating the larger population of actual buying public!  therefore I can understand why a jag tops the survey.. because I have 3 friends  whom are owners of jags and all have had issues with there cars and so so service from the dealer !

These surveys just do not cover a wide enough spectrum of owners, age groups etc.. take with a huge punch of salt 

24 May 2013

Response to Bobstardeluxe and his observation that

Average age of the survey 50!

The reason the average age of the survey is 50 is because the average age of new car buyers is 50.  This is because people whose children have left home and whose mortgages are paid off suddenly have enough money to buy a new car.  Surprisingly, this seems to happen to people who are around 50.

And your friends that are Jag buyers.  Are they new cars?  Or are they having problems with poorly maintained twelve-year old examples?

JD Power is a hugely reputable world-class survey and rather than taking the results with "a huge pinch of salt", if you actually researched your spoutings, you'd realise that they are accurate and both statistically valid and significant.  You would therefore do well to adopt it as a very valid source of primary research material.  After all, an ordinary car test in a magazine is based only on a sample of one...

24 May 2013

My my you are very boring !!

i was making my own opinion, I am sure I am allowed to decide if I personally think a jag or skoda are not my choice of what I want in an overall vehicle.. thanx for the idiot insult !! by the way the friends who own the jags are Brits out here in Dubai all aged between 30 and 35 with cars ünder 2 years old! The cars have been taken back to dealer endlessly for repairs quality that why I questin these surveys as it does not reflect the true buying public!


JD power survey while interesting and factual is after all a survey you tool! therefore only accurate to a degree .. with only 16,000 people surveyed how accurate can it be based on the number of owners of with cars under 3 years old.. also generally ur best surveys target high mileage business users! not the actual normal general it does not survey normal use!

24 May 2013

Bravo, GermanPowerIdiot. Even better than the real thing.

24 May 2013

That's who I am, Astonished of London. Maybe someone can correlate these results to warranty claims and produce some kind of a graph.

24 May 2013

Londonist wrote:

Maybe someone can correlate these results to warranty claims and produce some kind of a graph.

if you factor in the ten worst offenders as presented by Warranty Direct:

  1. Audi RS6
  2. BMW M5
  3. Mercedes-Benz V-Class
  4. Porsche 911
  5. Mercedes-Benz CL
  6. Mercedes-Benz SL
  7. Bentley Continental GT
  8. Audi Q7
  9. Audi A6
  10. Mercedes-Benz R-Class

then GermanBlower will have an aneurysm.


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