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The record for the world's longest powerslide has been smashed by Autocar driver Mauro Calo

A drifter has smashed the Guiness world record for the longest powerslide at Mercedes-Benz World.

Mercedes demo driver Mauro Calo smashed the previous record by just under 400 metres with a total drift distance of 2308 metres (1.43 miles).

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The Mercedes C63 AMG, which was used for the record, was driven 8.5 times around Mercedes-Benz World’s outer perimeter “until the rear tyre burst,” Calo said.

“The car was so balanced. I was relaxed and only had to make small corrections to the steering and throttle,” said Calo. “Then the tyres let go after lap seven, but I kept on going until I knew I’d beaten the record. I’m absolutely chuffed."

Calo, who has also driven for Autocar, said his next challenge would be "smashing the world blindfold speed record".

“I’m not 100 per cent sure how far it is, but I reckon I can get that one too,” added Calo.

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The shredded C63 AMG tyre will be framed and on show at Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands, Surrey.

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