BMW M car rival could be confirmed at the Geneva show in March
14 January 2010

The future of the 556bhp Cadillac CTS-V coupe in the UK is tied-up with a plan to set-up a new dealership organisation over here.

Caddy sales are effectively mothballed after the European importer hit financial trouble last year, but a new organisation is set to be announced in March at the Geneva show.

Detroit show pics of the Cadillac CTS-V coupe

The storming CTS-V coupe could then become Caddy's UK flagship, pitched against the BMW M3.

Power for the coupe comes from GM's LS3 V8, the supercharged 6.2-litre unit that also powers the CTS-V saloon.

The coupe shares the saloon's 2880mm wheelbase, but the roofline is 51mm lower and the overhangs tightened by 51mm. The front windscreen is also more raked back than the saloon.

Weighing in at 1907kg for the six-speed manual and 1922kg for the auto, the Coupe is no lightweight. But with so much grunt on tap, the 0-60mph of 3.9secs is firmly in the supercar category.

Julian Rendell

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Our Verdict

Cadillac CTS

Latest Cadillac offers a premium interior and decent driving dynamics, however the CTS can't compete with its German rivals in Europe

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14 January 2010

They should stick it in right hand drive and do a Hot diesel version - that would be good!

14 January 2010

Yes, with this they will surely beat last year's total UK sales of 178 vehicles...

14 January 2010

I know of a few SAAB dealers that will need a new franchise soon. Voila, 1 new and ready to go dealer network!

14 January 2010

[quote MattDB]

I know of a few SAAB dealers that will need a new franchise soon. Voila, 1 new and ready to go dealer network!


I bet that was already in GM's plans!!! Kill Saab replace with Cadillac.............

14 January 2010

[quote JezyG]I bet that was already in GM's plans!!! Kill Saab replace with Cadillac.............[/quote]

Why not kill Cadillac in Europe and Keep Saab after all Saabs Uk sales figures far exceed Cadillacs even with Saabs ageing line up! Simplez :)

14 January 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]Why not kill Cadillac in Europe and Keep Saab after all Saabs Uk sales[/quote]

Because Saabs has a very small lineup of aging vehicles, even with the new 9-5, its not enough to save a manufacturer, they would still essentially only have the 9-3 + 9-5. Cadillac has a much wider range of vehicles which can be offered. + the expense of running a brand is very expensive. Makes perfect sense to axe/sell saab replace with a more viable brand.

14 January 2010

Outside of the US Cadillac just doesn't sell in any quantity. Maybe it's a quality issue and however had GM try they just don't get luxury and elegance. (not in the way European manufacturers get it). Maybe it's political thing and for some Cadillac is a bit too 'In ya face' for it to be politically savvy to own one.

SAAB' European sales in comparison is a massive success. (which understandably isn't say much). GM will never establish Cadillac in the global market because there is just too much competition from better quality vehicles. Germany will never have to worry about another premium brand getting any kind of market share and the UK are quite happy to chase what the next door neighbor has when Cadillac again will never reach the volumes of BMW and Co. It might be GM's intention to Kill & Replace, but then why not put them into selective Vauxhall dealers. GM are already convinced they can make a premium brand out if OPEL so they are just as stupid to think that Cadillac is a Luxury brand. I'm sure GM are still blatantly unaware that in order to be a true global brand you actually have to build cars that are RHD as well as LHD.

Trying to establish Cadillac as a global brand will kill GM and I am quite happy to watch them do it.

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