Currently reading: 2018 Audi A1 makes first public appearance at Paris motor show
Sportier A1 will draw heavily on high-tech safety and convenience kit

Audi will take the fight to the hot-selling Mini with the new Audi 1 Sportback, which will be packed with technology, safety kit and the brand’s latest premium features in a bid to make it the most generously equipped supermini on sale.

The second-generation Audi A1 will arrive in November with the aim of drawing new and young customers to the Audi brand, and makes its first public outing to the Paris motor show. The outgoing A1 is Audi’s third-best-selling model in the UK. It has been a consistent seller for Audi across Europe, too, with annual sales in the region only once dipping below 90,000 units since it was launched in 2010. But with rivals such as the Mini achieving more than double that figure (it sold in 215,549 units last year), Audi has yet to tap into the full sales potential of this segment.

The new A1, the smallest model in Audi’s range, has been given a dose of sporting design, with nods to the brand’s Quattro rallying heritage, including a single-frame front grille and three flat bonnet slits that reference the original 1984 Sport Quattro.

Audi A1 designer Hurgen Loffler on why his car has gone 'to the gym'


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The Audi A1 is a stylish and competent supermini - but does it have the edge over the Mini?

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roobarb55 20 June 2018

New Design?

Increasingly the Audi is becoming the car of choice for pimps, drug dealers and chavs! this is very sad as it used to be such a classy car. This new design does not help with it's look at me wheels and the 'I'm right up behind you' agressive air vents? What were Audi thinking? it may have all the toys and gizzmos but some of the style has gone. The TT is way better looking car and I was hoping for a bit more classic design in the A1 rather that 'in yer face' example that would appeal more to my 16 year son! The A1 was a cheaper way to own an nice car but dare I say it I think the Fiesta is a better car. Get ready for the abuse.

autoindustryinsider 19 June 2018

Is there a rule whereby all VAG cars have to look alike?

Looks like a Hyundai or a Seat

Jimbbobw1977 19 June 2018

Audi are starting to take

Audi are starting to take over the chav look now - really looks like it’s been blinged up down Halfords with Focus MK2 ST wheels..