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Images have been published on Land Rover’s Australian website hours ahead of its official reveal
Sam Sheehan
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28 September 2016

Images of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery have been accidentally published on the company’s Australian website hours before it is officially revealed.

The car has now been officially revealed. Click here to view it.

The images, which appear to have come from a brochure, show the car tackling sand dunes and desert tracks, and reveal its undisguised exterior for the first time.

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The design of the car’s LED day running lights can be seen, as can the look of the car’s rear LED units.

The car wears an off-centre rear number plate, a feature that’s been carried through since the original Discovery, and gains styling details that evolve the look first seen on the Discovery Sport and earlier Evoque.

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Land Rover has already confirmed that its 2017 model will have up to nine USB ports and enough secure storage space to hide four iPads, and it'll also use an innovative Intelligent Seat Technology system that allows users to control and fold down seats remotely using a smartphone app.

The model will use Land Rover's 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel engine, while petrol and diesel 3.0-litre V6 powerplants are also mooted, stemming from Land Rover's development of modular engine technology.

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The seven-seater will be built upon the Range Rover’s aluminium monocoque, making it considerably lighter than its 2622kg predecessor. It is also expected to be tech-heavy - a projection of what’s underneath the car onto the bonnet is just one such system expected to feature.


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More information and images will be released tonight, when the car makes its official debut in Paris at 7:30pm.

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28 September 2016
In the first picture, there is something rather Ssangyong Rodius about the rear three quarter window treatment/ roofline/ c-pillar, tailgate spoiler arrangement. Otherwise, it's a bigger version of the Sport - no shock - and no where near as iconic as the Disco 3.

28 September 2016
They needn't have bothered to keep it a secret. It looks just like every other rr or lr product. I think that's a shame but it will probably sell more than the last model as it looks like a rr now. I would t have been that surprised if it had been called the rr discovery. But underneath it will be an amazing car and I hope it does well in the sales.

28 September 2016
...but the Disco sport's grown up so atrociously fast....did'nt even catch it past puberty!

28 September 2016
I don't think it's too bad; not exactly a surprise, but I wasn't expecting one. However, there's something about the gap between the top of the rear wheel arch and the base of the C pillar on the latest RR/LR products that just looks wrong to me. Can't quite explain why, but it just doesn't work.

The other thing is the rear bumper and the exhausts, but I'll leave that until I see the official pictures.

28 September 2016
Folding seats down using a phone app!! really? someone, somewhere needs to get themselves a life...........

28 September 2016
It will save time, before you get to the car.


28 September 2016
quote "It will save time, before you get to the car."
if you are that time poor its time to re-evaluate your life!
And what happens if you do this and one of the kids has left something on the seat....does it blow a fuse or crush the toy into the leather/

28 September 2016
An interesting vehicle replaced by a tediously predictable vehicle. Yet another example of a tipping point being reached where the old model is more desirable.

28 September 2016
There have been cases of blatant copying. De Tomaso did a near copy of the XJ6, for a while Lexus tried very hard to look like Mercedes, and we all know what the Chinese are currently doing. But I would like some posters on Autocar to explain how you could go about designing a car that was not too outlandish to sell yet did not have "something" that sorta kinda looked like "something" on another car already in production. Who are these people? Are they car designers seeking to point out industrial plagiarism? Is it meant to be a legitimate criticism? Or are they just spot the vague similarity nerds?

28 September 2016
I would like someone to tell me why cars based on the same platform but pitched at different market segments are exactly the same despite engineering, design and material differences. This Discovery is a case in point. It's substantially based on the Range Rover, sharing platform / engines etc but is thousands cheaper. Because the Discovery exists, would now someone who buys a Range Rover be a mug in the same vein as someone who buys an Audi over a Skoda is a mug?


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