Currently reading: Future Jaguar sports cars could use hybrid powertrain
Jaguar's future sports cars could gain hybrid power, following the introduction of a four-cylinder engine to the F-Type lineup

Jaguar could use hybrid power trains in future sports cars, according to its chief product engineer, Jaguar sports cars, Erol Mustafa.

While he said there were no current plans to implement hybrid power to help with performance or emissions, Mustafa said he "wouldn't rule out hybrid performance" in the future.

He added: "We always look at ways of improving the car but it's got to be the right application for a sports car."

However, with other models in the Jaguar range more focused on achieving good emissions figures, Mustafa said there was "no pressure on him" to implement a powertrain that wouldn't suit the F-Type.

When asked about a possible diesel F-Type, as recently spied by Autocar, Mustafa said he could not comment.

Mustafa was talking at the reveal of the new entry-level F-Type at the New York motor show, which uses its 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium engine, already announced for the Jaguar XE and Jaguar XF saloons. While it is the cheapest F-Type on sale, Mustafa said it had its own character, differentiating it from the V8 and V6 models.

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Rtfazeberdee 13 April 2017

....but it's got to be the right application for a sports car."

the same old excuse for standing still..... they are always late to the party and thats why they almost went down the toilet decades ago.