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Autocar staffers pick their standout machines from the halls of the Los Angeles show

This year's Los Angeles motor show features a variety of new metal, ranging from dinky electric city cars to tarmac-stretching V8 supercars, with a few quirky LA show-specific models thrown in for good measure.

Now that Autocar's team has ogled every new offering and the press days are coming to a close, we pick our favourites and reveal why they caught our attention.

Let us know what your show stars are in the comments below.

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Steve Cropley - Chris Bangle's Redspace eletric city car

Bangle 44 0

Chris Bangle’s extraordinary new Redspace is my LA star car, not because I think we’ll all be driving such outlandish cars in the short term but because I know of old how influential this designer and his work can be. Redspace may be off-the-wall, but good will come of it, mark my words.

Jim Holder - Corvette ZR1 convertible

Zr1 cabrio 62 0 0

745bhp, 715lb ft, 6.2 litres, V8, 212mph. All very impressive. But don’t let any of those admittedly impressive numbers distract you from perhaps the most impressive one of the lot: for a mere $123,995 (£92,500), our friends from across the pond are able to buy all this performance and theatre. Jealous, us? I could write paragraphs about why the latest Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren will be much the better car, but we all know I’d be missing the point (and potentially wrong, given the rumours).


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The Range Rover Evoque drew heavily on style as a selling point, but also possesses the substance to back it up

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Mark Tisshaw - Jeep Wrangler

Jeep 2 0

The Wrangler isn’t really my cup of tea looks-wise, but this new one has deeply impressed me in how it has managed to pack in every new bit of technology it needs to survive and thrive well into the next decade, while still looking so tough, rugged and old school. Bravo, Jeep.

Rachel Burgess - BMW i8 Roadster

I'm such a fan of the i8, it's hard not to be sold on the i8 Roadster, which adds open-air glamour to the equation. With added power too - a feature applied across the updated i8 range - it is highly likely to be more enjoyable than ever behind the wheel.

James Attwood - Infiniti QX50

Lb 2086 0 0

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Yes, it’s a big, slightly bland, boxy SUV. Another one. But the intriguing thing about the QX50 (which we've driven) is what’s under the bonnet: a genuinely innovative variable ignition engine. If the petrol engine can deliver diesel-like fuel efficiency as promised, it’s the sort of machine that could show the old-fashioned internal combustion engine still has a vital role to play in the future.

Sam Sheehan - Mazda 6

Lb 2101 0 0

I’m a fan of the new Mazda 6, not because it gets fancy seats and a new dashboard but because most of its updates are focused on improving how it rides and steers. In a world where bigger infotainment screens and fake carbon trim are often the focus of a facelift, it’s good to see Mazda giving its refreshed saloon oomph where it really matters.

Jimi Beckwith - Range Rover SVAutobiography LWB

Lb 2095 0 0

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No matter how many Bentley Bentaygas, Rolls-Royce Cullinans or other such cars come along, just remember that Land Rover got there first with the SVAutobiography. Quite a shrewd move, creating a long-wheelbase luxury SUV to take on the luxury saloon elite, and it certainly seems to have paid off. The new version adds even more Vogue to an already painfully stylish car.

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typos1 1 December 2017

A range Rover stylish ? Lol,

A range Rover stylish ? Lol, its so bland, stylish it aint.

Jon 1972 1 December 2017

Hedonist you are wrong, plain

Hedonist you are wrong, plain and simple. I remember grumpy old men losing their marbles over Bangles designs while they drove BMW to increased sales where it matters - with new younger customers. The Bangle 5 and 3 have aged much better than the models before and after them which shows the real quality of the concepts he created leading up to the 7 series.


There are a number of elements in this concept I can see designers copying once you look closely at the design.

TheOmegaMan 1 December 2017

Jon 1972 wrote:

Jon 1972 wrote:

The Bangle 5 and 3 have aged much better than the models before and after them

Er, no. The E36 and E46 are pretty timeless. The E90 is a creased-to-buggery mess. And there hasn't been a good looking 5 series since the E34 anyway. The E60 looks the least BMW-like of them all, so yes that's an acheivement I suppose.

Hedonist 30 November 2017

I'm sorry Mr Cropley, but it's Emperor's clothes

If the Redspace "concept" wasn't by a famous name it would be treated with the disdain it deserves.