Hyundai's supermini will take on the Ford Fiesta and Mini hatch with a sporty stance and angular styling
18 February 2020

Images of the next-generation Hyundai i20 supermini have appeared online ahead of its official debut at the Geneva motor show next month, showing the results of a significant styling overhaul. 

The model looks to remain true to the spy shots and preview renders we've previously seen, featuring a more aggressive stance than its predecessor and a front end modelled after its smaller i10 sibling.

The latest iteration of Hyundai's corporate grille design features, flanked by a pair of angular LED headlights inspired by those on the flagship Santa Fe SUV. A prominent chrome strip running the length of the window line indicates Hyundai's intentions to move the model upmarket to compete with the Ford Fiesta and Audi A1.

Now that the heavy body disguise seen on camouflaged prototypes has been lifted, we can see that the i20's overall shape and short overhangs bear a resemblance to the larger i30.

Our Verdict

Hyundai i20

The second-generation Hyundai i20 is a very spacious, well-kitted and keenly priced addition to the competitive supermini segment, but is ultimately let down by its weak engines

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The current i20 has been on sale since 2015 in the UK, so initial customer deliveries at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021 fit in with the usual six-year lifecycle for mainstream models. 

Little is known about the new i20's underpinnings, but expect an extensive overhaul of the car's interior and technology to bring it into line with newer Hyundais, such as the i10 and Kona. There's also a strong possibility that some electrified powertrain variants will be brought in to help the Korean maker meet stringent EU emissions targets. 

It remains to be seen if the three-door i20 Coupé will make a return in this new generation. Most manufacturers have ditched three-door variants of small cars due to the balance of demand vs complexity of production. There was also expected to be a hot i20 N this year, but that decision may have been pushed back.

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5 February 2020

Is it just me or has todays sketch artists not worked out that the wheel is supposed to go round in circles inside the wheel arch?

That i20 looks to have 355 x 15 x 29 tyres fitted. 

5 February 2020

Just wondering how far short of £20k this latest new supermini will be priced from, considering the ridiculous pricing of other recent new superminis like the Peugeot 208. 

I agree with Scotty about the sketch - it will have as much in common with the production model as a toilet brush (that's either an actual toilet brush or a Hyundai designer's sketch of one).


5 February 2020

If it looks as handsome as the design sketches, I might buy.

If it's a productionised dullmobile, I'll stick to Tesla.  

18 February 2020

 Well, no, I dare say it's better looking, the only hope is that it ar least as better than the Fiesta.

18 February 2020

Neat and inoffensive styling for a neat and inoffensive car. Not sure where the unique selling point comes from though as Hyundai's previously low pricing seems to be a thing of the past..

18 February 2020

It looks quite good. It is certainly better than many recent designs from other manufacturers that have overly large pillars at the rear that make the cars look dumpy and restrict rear vision.

18 February 2020

The front, I like. The rear looks odd, like the lights are too low down

18 February 2020

Strange they've taken inspiration for the rear end from one of the ugliest cars ever made.

It's quite a unique skill as well to take a great looking concept sketch and turn it into something mundane with ugly touches. Hyundai / Kia seem to do it all the time.

18 February 2020
Not sure I see a rodius in there but the rear does look odd, not sure if it's because the rear hatch window is so much deeper than the height of the side windows that make the rear hatch look like it's from a different car?

18 February 2020

I think the problem with the rear end is that the rear lights are too large and deep, and extend too far down the sides. It reminds me of the original Mark 3 focus, which looked a lot better after its mide life facelift. I like the fact there seems to be plenty of glass around the rear three quarters, and Ford will be flattered that Mr Allan considers the Fiesta to be upmarket like the A1.

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