The hot Civic will be unveiled at next week's Geneva motor show, but two images leaked online show the front and rear

Images of the Honda Civic Type R have leaked online, ahead of the hot hatch's reveal at next week's Geneva motor show.

2017 Honda Civic Type R unveiled

Made at Honda's Swindon plant, these images show that the production model is near-identical to the Type R concept shown at Paris motor show last September.

The Type R is expected to get more power than the current 306bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol and keep its front-wheel-drive set-up, despite plenty of rivals opting for four-wheel-drive.

Honda has always gone for the Nürburgring lap record with its Type R, so an attempt is also expected with this upcomiong model. It will have to be faster than the current fastest front-driven car, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, which took the title from the Type R last year.

The new Type R has also been designed from the beginning of the new Civic programme, compared to the outgoing model which had to be heavily reengineered. As a result it can utilise the new Civic’s multi-link rear axle. The outgoing model had to be converted from the Civic’s standard twist-beam to a new multi-link, eating-up engineering time and resources.

Talking to Autocar about the Type R concept at the Paris motor show, the car’s chief designer Daisuke Tsutamori said: "We have a lot more downforce from the design and aero package." 

Honda also confirmed at the time that the new Type R will have a slight price increase over the existing model which starts from £30,000. 

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3 March 2017
Looks mad. I quite like mad. The current car is very impressive even if it is a bit OTT. The only thing I dislike is the three exhausts.

4 March 2017
c'mon autocar, put some decent photographs up on your site.

4 March 2017
Wrong, wrong, wrong. In ten years time the people who built this automotive joke, and anyone stupid enough to actually buy it, will look away and deny having anything to do with it.

4 March 2017
The Red one in the middle is for firing sushi farts at the Fuhrer Wagon left behind at the Nürburgring.

4 March 2017
Ugliest car in the world

4 March 2017
If this hideous monstrosity wore a Ford badge the draconian motoring press would be falling over themselves to ridicule and dismiss it for the boy racer tarted up overblown wreck it is- and rightly so. But as we have come to see over the years, the majority of these reviewers are fully bought by certain brands and so toe the line regardless of the misses over these times, so as not to be taken off the media day and free hotel list. Final report on this? Trying too hard....

4 March 2017
It looks like it was designed from leftover Duplo and Lego pieces.

4 March 2017
The design is simply awful.


4 March 2017
Not one to often comment on looks as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what is wrong with Honda - once having a reputation for simplicity in style, with quality interiors and consistent design language. The R is juvenile and immature, if not absolutely hideously ugly. Bold design does not translate into good design.

5 March 2017
Perfect for the Halloween horror show.


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