Currently reading: Aston Martin DBX gains bespoke Q options for Geneva
Buyers of the British firm’s first SUV can now specify carbon fibre additions, darker wheels and a new grey colour scheme

Aston Martin has introduced a collection of bespoke options for its recently launched luxury DBX SUV, intended to show the car’s “darker side” ahead of its upcoming appearance at the Geneva Motor Show.

Three levels of options, provided by the brand’s bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin, are available: ‘Q by Aston Martin - Commision’, which allows customers to tailor options to their personal specifications, ‘Q by Aston Martin - Collection’, which offers a new matte grey colour option, carbon fibre additions under the front splitter and side sills and black tread and sill plaques, and a final level, ‘Q by Aston Martin - Accessories’.

Under the Commission option, the DBX gains several exclusive features. Inside, diamond jewellery can be added to the black leather seats, while a never-before-seen-on-a-DBX carbon fibre coating on the central console and door inserts is intended to add an “eye-catching” look to the cabin. 22” gloss black wheels can be specified on the outside.

7 Aston martin dbx q by aston martin 2020 stationary rear

Aston Martin’s vice president, Marek Reichman, said: “While our designer specifications previously demonstrated an incredibly broad range of choice and expression from our existing palette of colours and materials, ‘Q by Aston Martin’ offers the tools to those who have an uninhibited desire to push the boundaries of what is achievable”.

He added, “Of course, the example shown today is just one sphere of inspiration that can be explored, but with DBX providing the ultimate canvas to bring a vision to life, I fully expect to see a wide and broad variety of creations over the coming months”.

Aston Martin’s first SUV. the DBX, generates 542bhp from a 4.0-litre turbocharged AMG-sourced V8, achieving 0-60mph in 4.3sec and a top speed of 181mph with peak torque of 516lb ft.

New efficiency refinements and a cylinder cut-off system allow part-load running, contributing to a combined WLTP fuel economy figure of 19.7mpg and a CO2 output of 269g/km.


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Prices for the DBX begin from £158,000, while prices for the ‘Q by Aston Martin' packages are available upon order, commanding a “premium” above the regular car.

The Q-specced DBX will be on show at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show from Wednesday 4 March.


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catnip 25 February 2020

"Inside, diamond jewellery

"Inside, diamond jewellery can be added to the black leather seats..."

I guess that says a lot about the potential customers Aston see for this vehicle.

Symanski 25 February 2020

Update everything?

How much Q can fix the DB-X?   Do they have a competent designer?   Or are they stuck with Marek Reichman.


Yesterday (24th Feb 2020) Aston Martin fell to a value of £ 861 million. Today it has already dropped another £ 20 million or so as I write. Cash injection, new chairman of the board, and investors in the Stroll group and it is still sliding.


Launch of the DB-X immanent. Biggest advert for Aston about to be released in the cinemas. Valhalla news leaking out. And still Aston is sliding.


The markets have no faith in CEO Andy Palmer any longer becuase he has not sacked Marek Reichman. He hasn't acted to fix the fundamental problem with Aston Martin today: Reichman's designs are not working.