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Limited sales mean the end of the hot Skoda Fabia vRS, leaving just one high-performance model - and there's no plans for a sports car

The Skoda Octavia vRS will become the only Skoda to carry the vRS performance badge when the new Skoda Fabia drops its hot variant, following the arrival of next year's new-generation car.

Additional models will get the aesthetics-only Monte Carlo pack that's currently exclusive to the Skoda Fabia hatch and estate.

Dr Frank Welsch, Skoda board member for technical development, made the revelation at the Frankfurt motor show. "A lot of people think the Skoda Fabia vRS is a great car, but we cannot work on cars that everyone likes but only a few people buy.

"But people don't only like the Fabia vRS's 178bhp engine - they also like the sporty look: a sporty interior and sporty exterior. We have had good success with our Monte Carlo Fabias. They have a special, elegant and sporty look."

Skoda's existing Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo package consists of gloss black exterior touches including the roof, door mirror surrounds and wheel arch mouldings, smoked headlights and black 17in alloys. Only available with certain drivetrains at present, it costs £1145 more than the SE trim on which it is based for the Skoda Fabia estate, or £1520 for the hatch.

The trim level could join the more overt Sport trim on the Citigo city car, and the Rapid is likely to benefit from both of those trim levels, too. The facelifted Yeti is also expected to add the Monte Carlo pack, but not for the more rugged new Outdoor variant.

Meanwhile, Skoda design chief Jozef Kaban doused any hopes for a Skoda sports car, citing discrepancies between any such model and the brand's direction.

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smiler 16 September 2013

in contrast

1.9tdi 130bhp diesel engine NOT ONCE has needed an oil top up between 10k service intervals in the last ten years .

We have made our case folks but we are whistling in the wind !

New Mazda 3 2.2 diesel looks nice but you can't get DAB radio even as an option . Who thinks up these specs ?!

Zimmerit 15 September 2013

Mine's used 7 litres in

Mine's used 7 litres in 16,000 miles, certainly likes a drink! Have to say though other than it's liking for a drop of the black stuff it is a cracking little motor, averaging 36mpg over that distance.

I think the vRS's problems stem from it's frumpy looks and the lack of diseasil and manual options for the members of the flat earth society. Not that impressed with the DSG to be honest, sounds like you have just got married and someone has tied several tin cans to the rear bumper when changing down on a trailing throttle (they all do that sir!). And whoever programmed the chip controlling the full auto mode when it comes to going uphill has no mechanical sympathy at all.

To be fair to Skoda though there were plenty of Polo Gti v Seat Bocanegra V Furby vRS tests in various magazines and I can't recall any other verdict other than a vRS win.

recuiter13 13 September 2013

hmmm, what to buy next...

I presently own a Octavia vRS and was planning on downsizing and seriously look at the replacement Fabia vRS when it arrived! I agree with most comments above, having a DSG and not manual has put me off this present model (I have driven one). As for the looks, well my daughter has a Monte Carlo and I like its quirker looks over the std fabia.
So, when the time comes I will have to maybe broaden the cars I will look at if no VAG performance supermini's??