Currently reading: Renault Symbioz concept previewed ahead of Frankfurt motor show
The Symbioz concept will preview the brand’s future autonomous, electric and connected technologies

Renault has previewed its upcoming Symbioz concept, which will be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show later this month. 

Renault Symbioz concept revealed 

The concept will demonstrate three future aspects of motoring; autonomy, electric drive and connectivity, which the brand expects to feature on its everyday models by 2030. 

The car’s name, Symbioz, suggests a heavy focus upon the Internet of Things phenomenon, in which everyday objects are connected via the internet, and can thus interact with one another. For example, cars which can communicate with household appliances or systems are currently predicted by manufacturers, or the current trend of smartphones which can control elements of the car, such as heating, lighting and unlocking. 

Renault has detailed that it has worked with technology companies to implement the latest connectivity tech on the car, but stopped short of  specifying exactly what will feature on the concept, further than connectivity with the home and smartphone.  

Stylistically, the concept unusually carries both Renault Clio and Trezor cues, with a low-slung hatchback-like profile and unusual door line. Enormous wheels and small overhangs are a concept car hallmark, while the cabin appears to be made of glass, which wraps from the roof into the windows seamlessly. 

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