Coupé-like roofline and rear light bar are expected to feature on production model that'll be derived from this concept

Lexus will launch a new flagship model to sit above its existing range-topper, the LX, and the new LF-1 Limitless concept on display at the Detroit motor show previews how it'll look.

The SUV has the footprint of a Range Rover but sits much lower, suggesting it could be a rival to the future Road Rover, which is due next year. It mixes familiar Lexus design traits, such as a large front grille that stretches to the car's lowest section, with new parts. These include a full-length light bar at the back and smooth door panels.

Super-luxury Range Rover two-door coupé under consideration

Inside, the car places its infotainment system into a section of the dashboard and the instrument display is hexagonal in shape with a digital screen. Notwithstanding controls on the multi-function steering wheel, the cabin is free of buttons and switches and relies on its digital technology for auxiliary control adjustments.

4D satellite navigation and haptic control technology also star, showing the advanced level of cabin infotainment Lexus intends to put into its future production models.

Our Verdict

Lexus RX ..

The fourth generation Lexus RX is extremely refined with improved usability but is let down by the way it drives. Although the hybrid version remains a compelling option

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Lexus said the production car that will be derived from the LF-1 concept could use fuel-cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, petrol or even all-electric powertrains, suggesting it would be built in several variants to cater to different global markets. The LF-1 is labelled as a crossover with a heavy road bias, as evident from its low ride and profile.

The concept, designed by Lexus's California design team, is described as a flagship model, hinting that it would be an SUV coupé to sit above the range-topping LX, much like the positioning of the Audi Q8 in comparison with the Q7

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15 January 2018

The Lexus RX isn't the flagship  SUV  in the Lexus North American model line,it never has been,the marque's SUV in that market place is the LX-570 or as it was known in the UK market as the Landcruiser Amazon later just V8

15 January 2018

So they just made a new / updated Infinity FX-35?

Why is there a signature input box?

15 January 2018

a couple of weeks ago went looking at large SUV’s (X5 / Volvo XC90). We were impressed by the Lexus RX, but had to be taken out of contention due to its small boot and the roof line did not help. This concept will have the same problem.


15 January 2018

Drop the excessive grille it just doesnt look good OR pass the design to an Italian styling house who will tone it down into something elegant.

Then drop the rubbish CVT hybrid gearbox ...

15 January 2018

I think this looks great and will translate well into a production model as Lexus seem to be one of the few manufacturers who launches models with a close resemblance to the concept.  Hopefully they will start to introduce some decent petrol engines in the UK instead of solely relying on hybrid mated to some pretty dated engines and those dreadful CVT gearboxes. 

It's interesting that a number of manufacturers are only now heading down this path as most SUV owners will never leave the tarmac but want the versatility of an SUV, security of 4WD/AWD, the handling of a car and of course the extra height over a traditional estate, and that has been the case for a number of years. 

Dropping the ride height a little, lowering the centre of gravity, widening the track and junking the heavy off road equipment, such as locking diffs, seems to be the way forward, whilst still leaving more hardcore off road biased models for those who actually need it.  The sheer number of road biased X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, GLC, GLE, F-Pace XC60 and XC90's on the road suggests most have zero need for any off road ability whatsoever. 

I believe Infiniti created this soon to develop niche with the current FX, which is totally road biased, benefits from a RWD GT-R based platform with 100% RWD biased AWD, a lower centre, wider track, engines located front midship behind the front axle centre line, hence that long bonnet and even electronic four wheel steering, and this was back in 2009!


15 January 2018

I know Lexus are trying to be different, but this justs looks like a scaled up Hyundai or something

15 January 2018

Toyota is scrambling to keep remaining relevent, it is notorius.

The LF-1 was a commercial fiasco, total failure, except that is, all the money poured by Toyota, associated companies and suppliers that highly subsidised it, was well spent; they achieved proeminence (fastest lap in the Nürburgring... not, trounced days later by Chrysler Viper, that highly sofisticated machine!!),(great sales... not, there are still showroom cars available everywere, namely in the US...),(profitable... not, that claimed know-how of weaving carbon fiber was amortized on bicycles frames and hydrogen tank manufacturing for another commercial fiasco, Toyota MIrai...). What was the LF-1 sucessor? The LF-1 roadster? Canned. The LF-1 FIA GT series? Canned. No, the sucessor is the Limitless LF-1! The dependable, better bilt (by those say and point paper plyer workers) and highly exquisite front fascia stylists designed car. Who cares? Big Bag roader: Lamborghini Urus-already covered. Fastest roader: Bentley Bentayga-already covered. Stylish roader: Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen-already covered. Best for money roader: Toyota LandCruiser 60 (Ask terrorists and United Nations alike)-already covered.

No covered: crap stepped CVT mated to Atkinson-mode engine paired with NimH or Li-Ion batteries. Full avenue to you, Toyota.

16 January 2018

This kind of car is the future. 

The height of a SUV is unnecessary for on-road purposes, the seating position of an ordinary saloon can be a bit low. I hope this car gets it right, so does the Road Rover. This is not a compromise but finding the optimum height for a saloon.


16 January 2018

...profiles, but the rear not so much. This is concepts shape and portions, should be the shape and proportions Austin Martin DBX is going for!

16 January 2018
Looks great and will be well built. Just a shame it won't connect to your phone, Google maps, streaming music services etc like all current Lexi and Toyota's! (They've made some crazy strategic decision not to connect to 3rd party services!)




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