Currently reading: UK car sales rise 26.4 per cent
Eighth consecutive monthly rise for new car sales in February

New car sales in the UK rose 26.4 per cent year on year in February, the eighth consecutive month of growth in the sector.

The most significant growth was in the private sector as buyers took advantage of the scrappage incentive scheme, which will finish at the end of March. There was also growth in the fleet and business sectors.

A total of 68,686 cars were sold in the UK last month and 19.6 per cent of those sold were under scrappage.

The SMMT’s chief executive said a consistent approach to CO2-based taxation from the government and access to affordable credit for buyers were important if sales were to continue to rise.

“Scrappage has generated eight consecutive months of growth in the new car market and we expect its benefits to stretch beyond the scheme’s closure later this month,” he said.

“Industry continues to face challenging market conditions, but positive trends in the fleet and business sectors suggest that negative impacts can be minimised. Strengthening business and consumer confidence remains industry’s priority.

A clear and consistent approach to CO2-based taxation and improved access to affordable credit are essential elements in sustaining recovery in the new car market.”

The UK’s top-selling car last month was Ford Fiesta, followed by the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf.

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keeforelli 4 March 2010

Re: UK car sales rise 26.4 per cent

Phillip McCavitie wrote:

nicksheele wrote:

keeforelli wrote:
possibly banned

that a threat pal? Lose the argument - or rather lose the thread of any logical lucidity - and revert to banning. You'll go far in the new East Germany, i.e. Stasi New Britain, but then from your pavlovian-like, reflex rebuttal of any mention of cuts to the bloated pig of the State it's painfully obvious you are one of its beneficiaries and stand to have your blood supply-to-parasite cut off when the spending spigot is turned off - round about June.

And it's not a matter of Left/Right, or whatever, but one of an inferior mind, unable to cope with criticism, and as to personal insult, it was you who adopted the supercilious tone, as is the wont of your character type. Your were not man enough to lay your cards on the table in the first snide attacking comment but had to instead adopt the high-handed, mocking tone which covered up an ad hominem attack rather than debate the substantive matter, as you could not factually counter my point. Any factual points welcome.

Spot on, theres a lot of people in here who have NO IDEA how to debate, they throw nasty small minded insults around as soon as the heat is on them and whinge about Trolls and Nazi's with absolutely no sense of irony or clue as to the stupidity they regularly demonstrate.

They are clearly products of the New Labour experiment, the same experiment where there is no responsibilty taken for anything they do or say.


firstly, i personally am a 'product' of thatchers britain, you know, the 'stand on youre own 2 feet, im alright jack' generation-

and as i can feel the venom building here, let it just be said that i did not insult anyone to begin with, and with the fatigue that i feel from the 'we're all doomed' posters that are everywhere, merely vented at scheeles prophecy...

if we were all doomed, it was more likely to be back in sept 08, when the financial markets collapsed....we came through that, we will come thru this.

could it not just be a GOOD thing that car sales increased?

i also agree that the PSBR has to be tackled- it just wasnt the first thing i thought of when i read that car sales had increased.

ThwartedEfforts 4 March 2010

Re: UK car sales rise 26.4 per cent

Phillip McCavitie wrote:

Do you ever stop trying to make drama out of nothing in particular?

tannedbaldhead wrote:

And there's nowhere to run. USA, Canada, Western Europe and the Middle East are all in much the same boat. Hard times a' coming.

We could club together for a seat on the next moonshot...

Stephen Guckel 4 March 2010

Re: UK car sales rise 26.4 per cent

I like the Range wait, I did that on another thread.