Currently reading: Tory government pledges £25bn for road improvement
Sajid Javid unveils plans for freer-flowing road infrastructure and more efficient bus network

Chancellor Sajid Javid has outlined a £25bn road network improvement plan to get underway in 2020, in a speech at the annual Conservative Party Conference.

The scheme is planned to get underway in 2020, making use of a ‘national roads fund’ set aside by Javid’s predecessor Phillip Hammond. Further funding, Javid said, will come from taxes and borrowing, augmented by “record low interest rates”. 

The first works to be undertaken will include the completion of the dualling of the A66 Trans-Pennine expressway and A46 Newark bypass, and improvement works to Manchester’s Simister Island interchange.

Work will also get underway on the new A248 trunk road between Cambridge and Milton Keynes, and the often-congested A12 in the east of England will be widened. 

Alongside works to improve journeys for drivers, Javid has reaffirmed a commitment to improving Britain’s public transport network. Bus services nationwide stand to benefit from a £220 million cash injection, with £50m devoted to creating the country’s first ‘all-electric bus town or city’. 

Javid said buses "haven't been given the attention they deserve from politicians, but they are still the backbone of our public transport in most of the country". Prime Minister Boris Johnson was instrumental in replacing London's much-criticised 'bendy' buses with the New Routemaster, underpinning his 2012 London Mayor election campaign with a promise to improve the capital's transport infrastructure. 

Also on the cards are a series of ‘superbus networks’, which will lead to councils building more bus lanes to encourage service providers to offer more routes. A trial will be held in Cornwall next year. 

Javid has also voiced an ambition for all city buses in the country to offer contactless payment, as the technology becomes more universally adopted.  

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Jeremy 30 September 2019


Announcements like this come as sure as night follows day when an election is looming. Take with a large pinch of salt, especially as it flies in the face of reducing CO2 emmissions, a previous stated aim of this government!

Peter Cavellini 1 October 2019


When you have a Government with a person shoved to the front because there nobody better, how can you expect people to trust them?, the Tories seem hell bent on getting whatever Brexit they can get, they've not convinced us the voters, they may see how it works, but to most of us it's a leap of faith, trust, an Election?, yes, it might come to that.......

Peter Cavellini 30 September 2019


 Still doesn't say how much more Tax we'll need, and the way things are at the moment,if they'll be in power to implement it.....

Symanski 30 September 2019

Your money and more of it too.

Notice how they said the money is coming from taxes.   This isn't their money; it's yours!


Motorists will once again be fleeced.


"Free flowing" was a name the used to describe the new traffic management system in my home town.   On a normal day it can take 5-20 minutes to get round the one-way system depending on the lights.   But if it's busy, say at Christmas, the whole system becomes gridlocked.   It's not a big town but people were trapped for several hours before they could get out!   And the council won an award for it!