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The BMW Group sets record sales and earnings results during 2012, aims to boost figures further in 2013
Lewis Kingston
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19 March 2013

The BMW Group achieved record sales in 2012 and aims to set new records in 2013.

Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board of management of the BMW Group, said: "The past year has been the most successful year in the BMW Group’s corporate history, with new records achieved for sales volume, revenues, and Group earnings.

"We are aiming to achieve a further rise in unit sales in the current year and hence a new sales volume record."

The BMW Group remains cautiously optimistic about 2013's figures and results, however, but it intends to continue to increase its capacity. 

"Due to high levels of expenditure for new technologies and models as well as investment in the production network, we expect to report Group profit before tax on a similar scale to the year 2012," said Reithofer.

The BMW Group plans to launch around 25 new models in total by 2014, 10 of them all-new cars. A total of 11 new model launches are planned for 2013. 

Sales of BMW, Mini and Roll-Royce cars increased by 10.6 per cent during 2012, up from 1,668,982 cars to 1,845,186 cars. This aided the Group's net profits, which rose to £4.38 billion, a 4.4 per cent increase on 2011's result of £4.21bn. Revenue rose from £58.84bn to £65.75bn, up some 11.7 per cent.

The vast majority of sales were accounted for by BMW, which registered over 1.5 million cars, assisted by the launch of the new 3, 5 and 6-series, as well as the popular X models.

Rolls-Royce sold a total of 3575 cars, a minor increase of one per cent over 2011's 3538 cars. Mini recorded a more notable boost, with figures climbing 5.8 per cent from 285,060 to 301,526. The Countryman, Coupé and the new Roadster played a significant role in improving Mini's figures.

The growth wasn't limited to the BMW Group's four-wheeled concerns. BMW and Husqvarna motorcycle sales totalled 117,109, 3.1 per cent more than in 2011. Profit before tax for this sector, despite the increase in sales, fell from £35.1 million to £5.13m – a drop of 80 per cent, reputedly due to "a new direction for the motorcycle business". 

Financial services grew in volume but a decrease in earnings for the segment was recorded, which the BMW Group attributed to exceptionally high figures for 2012. The number of retail contracts signed increased by 12.1 per cent to 1,341,296. Leasing and financing contracts, with retail customers and dealerships, rose by 7.1 per cent to 3,846,364 units.

The BMW Group's workforce also grew, with the number of employees rising from 100,306 to 105,876.



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19 March 2013

Finance, in the UK at least. BMW's PCP finance make their cars way cheaper than the competition and at times cheaper than the class below. Top line price makes no difference.

19 March 2013

Your point about relative costs of cars bought via finance deals is a very good one. First hand experience, maybe? Smile

The puritan in me distrusts finance however. I've never yet seen a deal that was better than paying by cash. My answer to the obvious question "What about when you don't have much money?" is simple. I just buy what I can afford. (An alien concept to many modern people, I will grant you).

Anyhow, BMW deserve their success. They've worked very hard to get into this position of strength.



19 March 2013

Not yet first hand experience, but it's tempting. I have my 2009 VW Golf to trade in for something which should give a largish deposit of £6-7k. I have always been a VAG owner, but if you compare a PCP on 2 cars priced the same from VW and BMW the monthly payment on the BMW is way way less than the VW. They offer 0%-4.9% APR's on their PCP's, where most other marques are only giving 7-8% which can make a massive difference.

19 March 2013


All those customers say so and so do I

19 March 2013

I got one in 2012 too.... And it's awesome! 

20 March 2013

Glad to hear that, but then again I'm a big fan of the marque, they have been working so hard in the emissions and efficiency areas,  they have not rested on their laurels one little bit, that's why they are doing well, long may it continue.

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