Currently reading: MG aims to sell one million cars globally by 2024
New strategy outlines MG’s plans to enter more than 100 markets worldwide

MG plans to enter up to 100 global markets and generate annual sales of up to one million units by 2024.

The move comes as MG makes sweeping changes to its operations as part of its 'Mission 100' brand strategy. Parent company Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) said the strategy aims to prepare the British-born car maker for its 100th anniversary in 2024.

The new MG brand strategy calls for the marque to become more internationally focused and details of the plan were announced less than a week after sketches depicting a new electric-powered MG roadster concept were revealed.

Yang Xiaodong, vice president of SAIC, said: “We have planned this for a while. We now feel the company has the necessary maturity, and the conditions are right.”

Xiaodong, who oversees SAIC’s passenger car operations, said he sees MG as an international brand controlled by the Chinese but operating globally. “The products and business plans are already thought out,” he said.

In 2019, MG sold 298,000 cars worldwide, including 139,000 in export markets, ranking it number one on exports of a single car brand, according to SAIC.

To help drive sales in potential key markets such as the UK, MG said it will expand its current line-up with seven new models within the next 18 months – three of which are described as being all-new, with the rest being updates of current models. Included are a range of electric-powered models to complement the MG XS EV, according to Xiaodong.

As part of the Mission 100 strategy, MG also said it will place greater emphasis on attracting younger buyers to the brand through the adoption of new digital infotainment functions, 5G connectivity features and level three autonomous driving technology – all of which are set to be developed in co-operation with SAIC sibling company, Roewe.

Further changes are set to be focused on MG’s sales network, which the company said will offer a “new digital retail experience”. As part of this, MG is preparing to reveal a new logo based on that already depicted in the sketches of its new electric roadster.  


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Chris C 15 May 2020

Could be Roewe

A lot of the negative comments seem to be that the SAIC cars aren't really traditional MG's but one can speculate that the reason why they use the MG brand globally across their range is that they were stymied in using the Rover marque and Roewe would require a lot of expense to become established - a bit like why Volvo is doing well under Chinese ownership rather than other Chinese only brands such as Great Wall which have failed to become accepted/ established.

At least MG are considering a two seat sports car but personally I would prefer the E-motion which has much better styling, with a stunning interior, and a more practical permanent solid roof. It's little use being nostalgic over open two seaters when younger drivers today much prefer the practicality and safety of a hot hatchback for their driving thrills.

It seems a bit odd that MG are losing the octagonal chrome surround on their logo - there is a theory that successful automotive brand logos, especially in China, need a circular/oval/ polygonal chromed surround or similar.



macaroni 15 May 2020

On principle

Avoidably buy ANYTHING Chinese again? Never.

But you carry on enjoying lockdown/quarantine/furlough/overwork/business failure/sickness/death while pondering your new Chinese car.

The Apprentice 15 May 2020

macaroni wrote:

macaroni wrote:

Avoidably buy ANYTHING Chinese again? Never.

But you carry on enjoying lockdown/quarantine/furlough/overwork/business failure/sickness/death while pondering your new Chinese car.

MrJ 15 May 2020

Good for MG. At least the new

Good for MG. At least the new owners have plans for MG, unlike past times in Blighty. There are some interesting ideas too, such as the teaser-sketch roadster concept recently online.