Currently reading: Jaguar Land Rover developing new tech that prepares cars for upcoming weather
Weather forecasting apparatus will enable to autonomously prepare everything from heating to traction control

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing forecasting apparatus that can be fitted to a car to enable it to prepare for varied weather conditions.

According to a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the system will allow cars to prepare their interior temperature, drivetrain settings and traction control for upcoming climatic conditions.

The system will evaluate air temperature, pressure, humidity and light, while also using local weather information from a GPS connection. The patent says “the forecast may be distributed to one or more vehicles” via a central server of information.

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Several car makers, such as Mazda, already use features that can adapt traction settings to current conditions. But JLR’s system will be the first to predict conditions that are not yet present, enhancing its effectiveness and further improving safety.

While no date for when this technology could make it to market has been set, the patent suggests its arrival will coincide with JLR’s big push for electric and autonomous technology.

The brand will launch an electrified version of every vehicle model it sells by 2020 and has been testing a fleet of autonomous cars on UK public roads since 2016.

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inside_man 29 September 2017

Hope they have got some

Hope they have got some serious processing power to cope with the british climate.....

Agent Coulson 26 September 2017

What if it knew you were

What if it knew you were gonna be hungry.....

And a pizza popped out of the dashboard....???!!!

k12479 26 September 2017

Agent Coulson wrote:

Agent Coulson wrote:

What if it knew you were gonna be hungry.....

And a pizza popped out of the dashboard....???!!!

If the Telegraph's long term test of the new Discovery is anything to go by, the pizza would soon stop popping out. Then the cheese toast maker would stop working. Then the coffee machine would pack up.

Spanner 26 September 2017

Royalties II

I got in the car this morning at it was a bit chilly. I turned the heating up a bit. It was also a bit foggy so I turned on the fog lights and drove a bit slower. Am I owed royalties too? I was driving a Land Rover at the time.