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Senior Ford boss joins the list of car industry execs to warn of potential consequences of leaving the EU

Ford's European boss Stephen Odell has warned the company would have to reassess its long-term plans in the UK if the country were to leave the European Union.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Odell said: "I don't want to threaten the British government. [But] I would strongly advise against leaving the EU for business purposes and for employment purposes in the UK."

Pointing out the potential consequences of such an action, Odell said: "You'd have to look at everything… clearly we wouldn't be alone in doing that. Would it mean tariffs? Would it mean duties? We'd take a look at what it meant."

Ford has subsequently released a statement explaining those comments, saying they were in response to a hypothetical question and were "not a statement of intent by Ford Motor Company".

The government is currently in talks over whether the UK should remain in the European Union. One of the chief concerns raised by Chancellor George Osborne has been the need for the EU to do more to protect the interests of non-eurozone states, while also increasing competitiveness with China and India. 

If the UK were to leave the EU without joining the European Free Trade Association, exporting items could be made difficult for businesses based in this country.

In November last year Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said his company would have to reconsider its investments in the UK if it left the European Union. 

Speaking with BBC News, Ghosn said: "Everything has been done in the UK today considering that the UK is part of Europe. Obviously if a decision has to be made contrary to this then we will need to reconsider our strategy."

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typos1 22 January 2014


BigMitch wrote:

Typo's...Spoken like a true Guardian reading twat!

BigMac...spoken like a true right wing, xenophobic, faschist, stuck-in-the past, little-Englander, tw.. , no, I wont stoop to your level.

I dont read any papers, never have and never will.

Yes, the EU isnt very democratic, the solution ? Make it democratic, simple.

The UK wasnt democratic once, what did we do, stop having a government ? Stop having a UK ?

Nope, we made it democratic, its not hard is it ? I said the EU needs reforming and the way to do it is from the inside, not leave.

How does it go ? Oh yeah:

"Get real you tool. sick of doom mongering pieces of shit like you".

You put it so elegantly, eloquantly and succinctly, I couldnt do any better, so I thought I d use your words :-)

BigMitch 22 January 2014


Yes, because not wanting the EU to direct every aspect of our lives makes you xenophobic and a fascist. That's how you spell it by the way, moron. And, considering I'm not even English, your shitty generalisation is a fail. Germany and France would just LOVE to let the UK rock up and reform it from the "inside". Please, do tell us more...

The fact is, people like you have lost the argument and if there was a referendum tomorrow, the UK would vote overwhelmingly to pull out of Europe and you know it. It's just awful people having their vote and their say and disagreeing with you isn't it? And no amount of pathetic and unwarranted labels like xenophobia is going to change that. The EU is the one that's stuck in the past, but selfish little dictators like you can't admit it.

typos1 23 January 2014

Youve lost the arguement

Youve lost the arguement because you got abusive - swearing and name calling just smacks of desperation and the total inability to win the arguement intellectually. As I have said numerous times, I am far from happy with many aspects of the EU and I do not want them to "effect every aspect of our lives", but I want it reformed and some things changed not to run away from it. This is completely lost on you, despite being written in plain English on a screen in front of you. Obviously you think there are only two options, in or out, the possibility of staying in and radically changing things is totally lost on you, there are more than two ways of doing things in life, things arent always as simple as black and white. Indeed if there was a referendum tomorrow, it might well be lost (although polls suggest otherwise), but thats only because there is so much mis-information around (put about by British right wing papers), like the completely non-existant immigration problem that most people think is reality, when its complete nonsense - just because a lot of people think something is true, DOES NOT mean it is. I dont really get the "its just awful people having their vote and their say and disagreeing with" me bit - the only vote was taken in the 70s and people AGREED with me, cos we voted to be in the EU, theres been no voting on here, only people stating their opinions and one particular person getting abusive. Xenophobia does not only apply to British people, its perfectly possible for a non British person to be xenophobic and at no point did I say that you were British. "Pathetic, unwarranted labels", um ok, what about "moron", "shitty", "dictator", "twat", "doom mongering pieces of shit like you" (not that I ve mongered any doom), "you tool" ? - All pathetic labels and most certainly unwarranted - this is a discussion for adults. I fail to see how me stating my opinion makes me selfish or a dictator, do you actually know the meaning of those words ? Clearly not. It seems that you cant deal with someone having a different opinion to you, which is ironic, bearing in mind your comment that I dont like people disagreeing with me, nothing but pure hypocrisy there, I m afraid. I have a couple of friends that are on your side of the arguement, they want out of the EU, but at no point do we result to calling each other names or getting abusive if we discuss it, we re mature adults, see ? Fact is youre debasing your own arguement because of your abusiveness and name calling and there are plenty of people who share your anti EU opinions that simply hate your type for that very reason.
Gingernut 22 January 2014

Nearly as bad as dailymail

Wow , you think you could expect more realistic opinions of autocar readers instead of all the nationalistic rubbish comments on here..
In the end it seems a large portion of the population will have nobody to blame but themselves if the UK economy goes tits up from ill informed views and decisions .. Learn some facts ..
BigMitch 22 January 2014

Michael twat knight

Considering I haven't bought a newspaper in 10 years, your point is moot dipshit. The fact is the Uk is the second largest car market in europe and whether the uk is free of eu or not doesn't change that. You think if we weren't in europe all the manufacturers would pack up??? Get real you tool. sick of doom mongering pieces of shit like you and your inexplicable obsession with the undemocratic eu . Hundreds of countries aroubd the word do FINE being independent with a 3RD oF OUR population. Canada and Australia among them. Honestly just stfo
Gingernut 22 January 2014

You can't compare the UK to

You can't compare the UK to the USA and Australia ..
The UK shares most trade with Europe and its current economy is based around integration within the EU .. Wether you like it or not foreign investment in the UK will be effected and deteriorate if the UK leaves the EU ... For example companies like Toyota and Nissan export over 60% of their products built in the UK to to the rest of the EU and profitability for these companies will be effected if the UK ever left the EU... This includes many other companies with thousands of jobs on the line ..
Get over you nationalistic idiotic views