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Electric saloon outsold every petrol Porsche, while figures reveal it beat all traditional luxury saloons too
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8 December 2020

Porsche has backed up the critical acclaim of its new Taycan EV with extremely healthy sales, revealing the model was its biggest seller in the UK in November. 

Although we've yet to see the outright figures for the model, Porsche has confirmed to Autocar that the Taycan outsold its traditional sales champion, the Macan SUV, last month. 

The company registered 2216 new cars in total during the month, more than mainstream brands such as Citroën and Honda and 16.7% more than in November 2019, despite the English lockdown.

Year to date, however, Porsche is down by 10.45%, with 12,104 cars registered overall. 

Perhaps more surprisingly, figures obtained by Autocar show that the Taycan topped its assigned 'luxury saloon' sales category this year up until October. A total of 1605 examples were registered in the first nine months of the year, compared with a mere 445 Panameras, 607 Mercedes S-Classes and 901 BMW 7 Series.

One possible reason for this is the relative newness of the Taycan, however, while the S-Class is imminently due a replacement. 

Battery-electric vehicles have continued their meteoric rise in figures throughout 2020. Although a UK market share figure of 5.8% is still behind that of hybrids (6.8%) and mild-hybrid petrols (7%), it's a substantial 162% higher than EV market share in 2019, which was a mere 1.5%. 


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MarkII 9 December 2020
The Taycan is an exceptional piece of engineering but I suspect most purchases will have been under the guise of a company car, given the tax benefit that you can write off the full value of the Taycan being a BEV.

Buyers who might otherwise have bought a Panamera Turbo hybrid, will have bought a Taycan instead, hence the effect upon sales in their 'Luxuty Saloon' category. In reality, it has little to do with these people being early adopters of electric vehicles - though no doubt some will extol their virtue during discussions with their neighbours.

adrian888 8 December 2020

I wonder how many are bought (in reality leased/PCP) for virtue signalling purposes with an ICE car still on the drive for long hourneys....? 

ricequackers 8 December 2020

While I don't doubt that most owners will have another ICE car (or multiple cars), I highly doubt they bought a Taycan to virtue signal. They bought it simply because it's really fast and really cool.