Currently reading: Volkswagen Group brands introduce new aftercare package
The All-in plan provides two services and MOTs and two years’ roadside assistance and warranty cover

The mainstream Volkswagen Group brands have launched a new aftercare plan for nearly new models that includes two services, two MOTs and two years of roadside assistance and warranty. 

Called ‘All-in’, the scheme will be available for models from Audi, Seat, Skoda and VolkswagenIt will cost around £33 per month on a two-year contract, although the exact pricing varies by brand. Customers can also pay the full cost up front. 

The All-in plan is available for cars aged three to six years old that have covered under 100,000 miles and have a 2.0-litre engine or smaller.

The All-in service consists of one minor and one major service over the two-year period and roadside assistance is provided by the AA. Breakdown support and accident recovery are both included, as well as onward travel services to the driver’s destination if a repair cannot be completed.

Seat UK boss Richard Harrison said the package will let owners “leave the ownership admin at home, focus on the road ahead and make the most of their time behind the wheel.”


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legless 4 June 2021
This actually seems a pretty decent deal to me for owners of cars 3+ years old. The warranty element alone is competitive when compared with the aftermarket (and likely provides a great deal better cover).
Peter Cavellini 3 June 2021

You see as many Seat as Audi, the onl6 difference is?, the badge on it.

scotty5 3 June 2021

Well if it were just servicing, roadside recovery and MOT then it doesn't sound good value unless you're the type who accepts a 2.0 Audi costs more to service than say a 2.0 SEAT,  but depending of the T&C of course, if the warranty includes the same level of cover as their extended warranty, then around £400 a year is pretty good value I'd have thought, especially on any Audi.

Of course there are those who consider an Audi badge is worth much more than a SEAT badge. It does in showroom appeal but in servicing and maintenence? Both vehicles are serviced exactly the same and use exactly the same parts.