Currently reading: BMW PHEV drivers gain rewards for using new eDrive Zones
UK drivers of BMW plug-in hybrids can earn charging credits by driving in EV mode in certain areas
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4 August 2021

BMW hopes to incentivise owners of its plug-in hybrids to cover as many electrically driven miles as possible with the introduction of new eDrive Zones across the UK and Ireland.

Arriving as part of its BMW Points programme, the designated zones provide an opportunity for BMW PHEV owners to earn charging credits. 

The manufacturer offers two points for each mile driven in the zones with the engine off, and once drivers have amassed 3200 points, they're rewarded with £10 credit to be redeemed at a device operated by one of BMW's charging partner firms. The reward climbs to £25 at 7500 points and £50 at 14,500 points. 

BMW also offers 20 points every time a PHEV is charged for more than 15 minutes and 500 points for each user who charges their PHEV more than 20 times per month.

The scheme is available to owners of all 330e, 530e, 545e, 745e, X3 30e and X5 45e models equipped with the latest version of BMW's infotainment platform. 

The new geofenced eDrive Zones can be found in Bath, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Limerick, Liverpool and Manchester, as well as in Birmingham and London, which hosted the pilot scheme last year. 


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superstevie 4 August 2021

I'm guessing most 330e drivers will be the winners of this. I suppose it makes sense for BMW to do this. These cars will be predominently company cars, and most won't be charged. How many commenters on here have said that PHEVs are just for the tax breaks? Perhaps BMW know this, and that most aren't charged regularly, and want to deflect from that

xxxx 4 August 2021

Yea cause owners of £70k X545e's really need £10 credits for driving 2400kg PHEV suv's with supercar performance around the city. How green.