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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's gossip from the automotive industry has news of Renault Sport's interest in electric, Toyota's denial of a Supra teaser, the next-gen Fiat 500's arrival and Skoda's China-only Kodiaq coupé.

Renault Sport considers electric

Renault Sport has been looking at electric sports cars, according to its boss, Patrice Ratti, but it maintains that battery size is the sticking point. “It is not difficult to make an electric sports car,” he said. “The challenge is to do it with the size of the battery of the [electric] Zoe.” He added: “The advantage of an electric motor is a lot of torque in a small package.”

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Supra teaser 'a coincidence'

In Autocar magazine earlier this month we brought you a scoop on the new Toyota Supra, and the firm has now dropped its own hint about the sports car’s arrival. A Toyota Yaris Hybrid TV advert features a car with the numberplate ‘260 SUP’, alluding to the fast model. A Toyota spokesman said: “It’s a nice idea, but I’m afraid it’s just a coincidence.”

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No need for a new 500

Fiat boss Olivier François won’t commit to a date for the arrival of the next-generation Fiat 500. It’s the 500’s 70th birthday next year, sparking speculation that a new one might be ushered in, but the message from the boss is that while the current car is still selling so strongly (as it is across Europe), there’s no rush to cook up a new version.

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Kodiaq coupé not for Europe

The chances of the Skoda Kodiaq SUV-coupé being sold in Europe are said to be slim, despite the firm’s head of design, Josef Kaban, describing it as “sensationally hot”. Although some Skoda officials are said to be keen to sell the image-boosting car, research is believed to have shown that the majority of buyers would buy a standard Kodiaq. At present, it is set to be sold in China only.

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WallMeerkat 22 November 2016

500 sales are starting to

500 sales are starting to drop in the US though, something that should concern the transatlantic FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) company.
Richard H 22 November 2016

I doubt sales of 500's in the

I doubt sales of 500's in the US are of any concern to FCA, it was always going to be smaller volume seller.

They need to concentrate on sales of Alfa Giulias and launching the Stelvio