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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's snippets of automotive news include the Jaguar I-Pace, Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept car, autonomous driving and Toyota's V8s. 

Jaguar I-Pace:

It's of little surprise that Norway has the highest number of pre-orders for the electric Jaguar I-Pace, given its local incentives for electrified cars, which mean that 35% of car sales are now electric or plug-in hybrid. Jaguar Land Rover sales boss Andy Goss said Norwegians “don’t have range anxiety” and the firm has a “healthy four-digit” pre-order book for Norway.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept car:

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept car will be turned into a fully running prototype to allow Mitsubishi to develop the technology within it for production, according to Mitsuhiko Yamashita, the firm’s executive vice president. The concept is a runner already but will now switch from being a design study to more of an engineering one.

Autonomous driving systems:

Autonomous driving systems could feature different programming for different regions, according to Patrick Lecharpy, Renault’s advanced design boss. He said: “There are different driving styles in every country, so maybe we will need to tune the logic to adapt it for each country.” 

Toyota's V8s:

Toyota's powertrain chief Toshiyuki Mizushima says he is working “all the time” to find ways to keep the firm’s V8s in production. “There are many drivers who love the V8, and I am among them,” he said.

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Jeremy 16 January 2018


No range anxiety with their 'leccy cars? They obviously don't get out much!

The Apprentice 16 January 2018

Jeremy wrote:

Jeremy wrote:

No range anxiety with their 'leccy cars? They obviously don't get out much!

Not with their charging network, was just looking at the map of just one of many supplier, there is one location on it with 104 chargers on site!! must be a power station behind Tesco!

TStag 16 January 2018

Toyota and co need to stop

Toyota and co need to stop trying to compete with each other to make better V8's, accept this is a declining market and pool resource to keep them in production. Whilst compeition normally leads to better products, right now it's probably just leading to fewer v8's.

I think I'm right in saying JLR and BMW are sharing v8's these day's which is a very sensible move by 2 companies that compete hard with one another at everything else. Sadly it means Jaguar fans have to accept turbo charging instead of superchargers it seems but I guess that's a reasonable price to pay.

xxxx 16 January 2018

Norway - Way ahead of the game

1 in 3 cars plug-in, just shows what can be done in just 7 years. My hat goes off to them!