Currently reading: Volkswagen puts 10-speed DSG development on ice
VW halts development of its new advanced DSG transmission amid rising development costs

Volkswagen officials have confirmed that development of its much-anticipated 10-speed DSG transmission has been put on hold.

Autocar understands the rising costs of developing the advanced transmission have lead to it being put on ice.

Volkswagen first revealed the 10-speed DSG transmission at the Vienna Symposium in 2013. The event is traditionally a stomping ground for VW Group members to unveil their latest technology.

It was initially thought that the DSG transmission would be used by a wide variety of diesel engines in an effort to drive down CO2 emissions across VW’s fleet. EU targets specify that 95% of new cars must emit no more than 95g/km of CO2 by 2020.

The unit was planned as a successor to the six-speed DSG transmission which features in most of today’s Volkswagen Group range. It was expected to feature as part of the eighth-generation Passat line-up, which was unveiled last year.

The announcement leaves Volkswagen trailing behind Mercedes-Benz in the race to lower CO2 emissions by adopting advanced transmission technology. Mercedes introduced its own nine-speed automatic transmission in 2013, initially on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The unit has since been offered on a variety of models including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

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centenary 24 September 2015

Well we now know its nothing

Well we now know its nothing to do with 'development costs' dont we!
Moparman 21 September 2015

The last six gears existed

They just lessened the choke hold that the emission control garbage had on the poor things.
typos1 21 September 2015

Emissions control is garbage

Emissions control is garbage eh ? You like breathing poisoned air or something ?
scrap 21 September 2015

Any truth in the rumour that

Any truth in the rumour that 4 of the gears were only used when the vehicle recognised it was undergoing a test procedure?