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Development boss reveals first details on radical new dual-clutch automatic gearbox as well as a new twin-turbo diesel engine
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9 May 2014

Volkswagen development boss Hans-Jakob Neusser has revealed limited details of a new 10-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox as part of a presentation on future driveline technology at the annual Vienna motor symposium in Austria.

The advanced dual-clutch gearbox, first hinted at by Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn at last year’s Vienna motor symposium, is planned to be used in both transverse and longitudinal engine applications, indicating that it will eventually be used in a wide range of models.

Described as a key development in Volkswagen’s efforts to boot the efficiency of future models by up to 15 per cent by 2020, the new 10-speed transmission has been conceived as a successor to Volkswagen’s existing six-speed unit used in more powerful Volkswagen models.

Although he refrained from confirming when it was planned to go into production, Neusser confirmed the new unit is being developed to handle torque loads of up to 369lb ft.

As well as revealing details of the new gearbox, VW's development boss also confirmed that a new 236bhp twin-turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, unveiled at the Vienna symposium, would be offered among a range of powerplants on the upcoming eighth-generation Passat due out later this year.


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9 May 2014
...500Nm, then say 500Nm, not 369 lb ft.

9 May 2014
If not, perhaps they should first.

9 May 2014
I've recently noticed a trend among some car makers of making auto boxes with an unheard of number of gears. What's the purpose?
Quicker gear-shift, better efficiency OR heavier and more complex machinery leading to more break-downs and higher running costs?
On the other end there's (for instance) Tesla. A single gear propels their cars to super saloon speeds. Which is better in the long run?

10 May 2014
All the cars I cut my driving teeth on had four speed gearboxes. As five and then six speed 'boxes became available there were tuts and sighs over where the world was going to and where would it all end. Now we know. Ten is the new five!
Please everyone, don't worry about this. I can promise you there will be more innovation in the future. Otherwise we'd all still be driving Cortina and Chevettes.

13 May 2014
Are you suggesting we should all go electric or that some one needs to develop a combustion engine that spins from 0 - 100,000 rpm ?

13 May 2014
10-speed merely allows a wider ratio spread without increasing shocks, jerks or, most importantly clutch-wear - as would widening gear ratios with the same number of gears.

The latest ZF autos are approaching a 10:1 ratio spread whereas 3-4:1 was normal back in the day, so this is merely the DSG keeping up.

Also, more ratios allow closer spacing at the lower end - like the old close-ratio transmissions but without the accompanying need for high revs when cruising.

And, the VW 6&7 speed DSG 'boxes were developed by Borg-Warner - I guess this further refinement will come from the same source.

Altogether, nothing to worry about; slightly enhanced performance with improved economy and silence.

26 May 2014
Volkswagen introduces several kinds of advanced and modern features in their vehicle models. Therefore a rider can get multiple modern feature in his/her vehicle; in most of the cases we have found that people were looking for better engine and fuel efficiency system. Apart from that they are also looking for speed and smooth running capacity of the vehicle; therefore Volkswagen readying 10 speed DSG automatic transmissions in their vehicle models.

26 June 2014
10 sped automatic transmission with new technology give a better result for the company and the users also. Volkswagen make a good concept for making a new type of car with some new technology, as per the transmission box, they also do the changes in the engine and other features.

29 August 2014
From last few years i am using VW and it never let down myself. Comfort and the gearing system is quiet amazingly good. A new automatic car with the high quality transmission process is what every car lover looks to add his/her daily routine.

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