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A 20% growth in Jaguar sales helped the Coventry-based car maker to record its highest number of sales ever

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) recorded its highest number of sales ever in 2017, with 621,109 vehicles representing a 7% increase on 2016.

Jaguar recorded the fastest growth, with a 20% increase in sales bringing its annual figure up to 178,601. It labels the launch of the Jaguar F-Pace and the new XF Sportbrake as key contributors to the change.

Land Rover, which has most recently launched the new Range Rover Velar, saw a steadier 2% increase on its 2016 figures, but its considerably larger 442,508 sales ensured it remains the group’s most significant brand.

The winners and losers of 2017's new car market

The brand’s best seller for 2017 was the Discovery Sport, which was bought by 126,078 customers. The Range Rover Evoque, which is due to be replaced in 2019, remained a strong seller alongside the Range Rover Sport, with the pairing selling in over 190,000 units in 2017.

Like fellow UK car makers Aston Martin and McLaren, JLR’s 2017 figures were affected by ongoing economic uncertainty in Europe and Britain. But like the two aforementioned brands, JLR recorded strong sales growth, with the Coventry brand revealing that demand in China and the USA helped offset the impact.

146,399 cars were sold in China, ranking it as the company’s largest sales region in 2017. In North America, JLR sold 128,097 cars, a 9% increase on its results there from 2016.

The UK, which has seen new car sales tumble by 5.7%, recorded 117,748 sales, marking an almost identical year to 2016. JLR’s results in Europe were similar, with 138,643 sales in line with the previous year. Other overseas markets also saw tiny change from the year before, with sales down 0.5%.

Despite predictions for further falls in the UK new car market, as well as continued economic uncertainty in other regions, JLR is optimistic the upcoming launch of the E-Pace and all-electric I-Pace will ensure its continued growth.

Andy Goss, JLR group sales operational director, said: “While there will be further challenges facing our industry, there are also exciting times ahead for Jaguar Land Rover. We continue to over proportionally invest in delivering clean, safe, smart technologies and new vehicles to our customers.”

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bomb 9 January 2018

Although the group has done

Although the group has done well there is no mention here of the notable drop in XE sales.

chandrew 8 January 2018

F Pace seems to be the only seller here

As mentioned above, I can't remember seeing an XE on the road in Switzerland. In fact seeing any Jaguar apart from an F Pace is rare.

Add all 2017 Swiss Jaguar sales apart from the F Pace and you get a number smaller than Porsche Panamera sales. In fact add the F Pace in and Porsche still sell more sports cars (911, Cayman, Boxster) than Jaguar sold all models. For another year running Ferrari sold more La Ferraris here than Jaguar sold XJs.

Land Rover, and especially Range Rover are different story. LR managed to sell about the same numbers as Kia here even with a much smaller range and much higher prices.

Siggyboy 8 January 2018


As an XE owner thought I would comment. Have a 180bhp diesel r sport automatic for 12 months. Done 20,000 miles without a single glitch. Not even had first service yet. I test drove all rivals and nothing comes close. Objectively, things may annoy. Sat Nav poor, rear room poor, side air vents in a weird position and stop/ start worse than useless. But drives magnificently, is a a stunner to oook at and does late 40's mpg with me thrashing it. I find engine fine. Better than the s series 2 litre I had previously. And I see fair few where I live....six today, plus the three in my road as well!