Currently reading: Fiat 124 Spider successor 'unlikely', according to CEO
Fiat's boss claims Italian maker has "no legitimacy" in the sports car market after 124 Spider was removed from sale

A new version of the Fiat and Abarth 124 Spider is unlikely, according to Fiat CEO Olivier François. 

Although the Fiat and Abarth 124 Spiders have been withdrawn from UK sale, both loss makers here, the two continue to be offered in mainland Europe and the US. 

Despite sharing a platform and factory with Mazda, which assembles the 124 Spiders alongside the Mazda MX-5 upon which they’re based, these economies of scale are not enough to overcome the perils of currency fluctuations, nor the cost of shipping Fiat engines to Japan for the cars. 

Sports cars are notoriously inconsistent money makers, but François’s suggestion that the brand has “no legitimacy” in this field is surprising, given the Fiat Barchetta, Coupé, X1/9, 124 Spider, 124 Coupé and 850 Spider from its past. That said, these models are far less well known than the MX-5 and BMW Z4.

Earlier this year François told Autocar that there was still interest in that segment within the brand, but it's not vital to the ongoing revival of Fiat.

“The 124 market is a niche one,” said François. “It is profitable business for us - but only because of the joint venture. It was an opportunity and we took it. It makes money and it adds a certain cool factor.

“But I accept that such a car may not be key to the future of the brand. It is not what I’d call a pure, absolute Fiat, but for now, it remains an interesting opportunity.”

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Coachgjh1 26 August 2019

Fiat? Americana?

I didn't realize that Fiat was an American icon in sports roadsters. Camaro, Impala, Mustang, Viper, etc., these are American sports cars. This poor car and the MX-5 are just weenie cars to Americans, drove by the 3% of the population that, let's face it, question thier own self. This is the reason for small sales and the waste of making such cars. They would do best to make them special orders like that of Lamborghini, Ferrari, and other low sale sports cars. People tend to pay for what is inexcessable to the masses.
eseaton 23 August 2019

The sad fact is that it is

The sad fact is that it is really rather ugly.

(Likewise the MX5, which is a pig compared to the previous MX5.)

sabre 23 August 2019

Good decision

The car doesn't make money nor does it contribute to FIAT's reputation. Everyone knows it's actually a Mazda with a FIAT engine that is not as good.