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Software issue could cause EV motors to randomly shut down in 0.3% of cases

Porsche has recalled 43,000 Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models worldwide after identifying a software fault that could shut the electric drivetrain down at random.

The recall notice, which applies to models produced prior to June 2021, has been issued to rectify a software malfunction within the power inverter, which essentially communicates between the powertrain control module and the motors themselves. In the UK, the notice applies to 4495 cars. 

In a series of internal tests, Porsche found that the motors could shut down while in motion, although the brakes and steering remained in operation. In the event of a shutdown, the Taycan displays a message on the dashboard instructing the driver to manoeuvre the car to a safe space. A Porsche spokesperson estimated that if the issue occurred at motorway speeds, the driver would have around 90sec to reach the hard shoulder or a layby. 

The car can be restarted after the issue occurs, said Porsche, meaning owners are unlikely to be left stranded at the roadside.

Porsche said there is no specific set of circumstances or conditions that can cause the issue and that it could occur at any speed. The firm registered an occurrence rate of 0.3% in its own tests and there have been no reports of customers harmed or their cars damaged as a result of the malfunction.

Owners have been invited to visit a Porsche dealership to have the software updated – an over-the-air update is not possible as the inverter must be recalibrated afterwards – with an approximate repair time of one hour quoted.

Porsche confirmed its Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne hybrid models are unaffacted, as their EV drivetrain elements are unrelated to those used by the Taycan. An Audi spokesperson, meanwhile, told Autocar that a number of newer E-tron GT models – some 58 units in the UK – were also affected, but "the vast majority" have already been fixed.

Porsche said as a result of the issue, it will intensify some of its pre-production testing processes and confirmed the upcoming Macan EV will not be susceptible to the same issue.


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