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The expansion of PSA's DS premium brand continues with a new mid-sized SUV called the DS 6WR

A premium SUV inspired by Citroën's Wild Rubis concept, and called the DS 6WR, has been unveiled at the Beijing motor show.

The new DS 6WR, the latest model to be revealed under PSA’s new premium DS brand, promises a combination of “SUV versatility with DS sophistication and refinement”.

The DS 6WR will be introduced to the Chinese market by the end of the year, and although not confirmed for Europe, Citroen boss Frederic Banzet said that it was being considered – although there are fears it would clash with the upcoming Cactus

Power for the DS brand's first SUV comes from a choice of 1.6-litre four-cylinder engines producing 160 or 200bhp, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The new SUV represents the next step for the fledgling stand-alone premium brand. Earlier this week, PSA boss Carlos Tavares said DS would be positioned apart from both Peugeot and Citroën. DS has enjoyed success in China, although expansion into other markets is likely.

It measures 4550mm long, 1860mm wide and 1610mm tall, making it slightly longer, wider but lower than the Peugeot 5008.

Features include Grip Control, which claims to optimise the available traction for the two-wheel-drive model in poor conditions, avoiding the necessity for a four-wheel drive set-up.

The SUV is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels, a range of chrome trims and daytime running lights which are arranged in a tuning fork layout. DS logos are embossed into the side of each light cluster.

Another locally built model is planned to be unveiled in the coming months to join the DS 6WR. DS launched the DS5 in September, and the DS 5LS in March, and the brand promises an expanding network of dealers in China’s biggest cities.

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Simplicity is key 21 April 2014

Pants down

All the time Psa want to built luxury esque cars on old platforms they will be caught with their pants down by the competition and the longer it goes on the less chance they have. If you do a 100m sprint or a marathon with your pants around your ankles you will trip and probably hurt yourself.
If you look at successful products the wheel size ratio to body is priority along with how they relate to the body side. Look at flagship Landrovers and Porsches. Big wheels, good platforms. They go hand in hand. It sets the base note and gives us confidence we are buying a quality, well engineered product. The small engine thing is less of an issue in the old world these days as many euro manufacturers are pushing efficient technology and I absolutely love and respect Citroens true new Cactus direction but the all the new DS products have awful proportions because of the platforms and wheel packages. Also I can't understand why Citroen are making products for china that they are not proud enough or confident enough to sell in Europe. That should tell them something! Audi and BMW are making special world products. Surely that's how you look after your meet and veg!
Dark Isle 20 April 2014

I Like It!

It's certainly a car I would have looked at before choosing an Evoque. Not that it really matters, it's not sold here, probably never will be and isn't available with an automatic-diesel powertrain or four wheel drive. Some reviews have praised the Grip Control system, though, so maybe the loss of 4WD isn't a massive oversight, especially in the 'soft-roader' market.
Mini2 20 April 2014

Good for Citroen

It's certainly great that the DS range is doing well over in China to the point that Citroen are developing models specifically for that market. However, some of them ought to stay there. To my eyes, both the DS6 WR and DS 5LR (it's getting confusing) are much too dull for Europe to have any hope of standing out as a premium offering. Perhaps it's different in China. I just hope Citroen don't neglect the European market DS range in favour of the Chinese models.