Ahoy. The annual Autocar Awards are incoming, and we would like your help. As ever, one of the gongs is for the Readers’ Champion, and this year an idea of mine has apparently been the inspiration.

A few weeks ago, I imagined my dream 10-car garage and posted it on social media, and around 1000 people gave me theirs in response (the Porsche 911 was the top-named model, by the way). So we’re asking a similar but slightly more relevant question for this year’s Readers’ Champion at the Autocar Awards.

We would like to know your dream three-car garage, although there are caveats, because the cars have to fit into three categories. These are Daily Driver (a new car for everyday use, costing around £30,000); Just For Fun (a new car to enjoy driving, costing around £50,000); and Wildcard (a new or used car for any use, costing around £20,000).

As with the top 10, my choices are likely to vary by the day. Today, it’s a Toyota GR Yaris without the Circuit Pack for the daily. Then there’s a Lotus Exige Sport 350 for fun. (I found a 500-mile demonstrator at £60,000, which is, I accept, cheating, but soon you won’t be able to buy a new one at all, so I don’t care. And if the rule-makers care so much that it’s cheating, I’ll make it a Lotus Elise for the same reasons.) And then there’s the Wildcard, which is the most fun and the most difficult one of the lot.

I opened the classifieds at classicandsportscar.com, set a limit of £20,000 and hit search. Everything from a Citroën CX Pallas to a Jeep CJ5, a Renault 4CV and a Volvo PV544 to a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia feature heavily on my shortlist, and I’m only four pages deep into the search. I also found a Ford Cortina Estate for £15,000, which is, um, not really my thing.

Anyway, you can submit your trio right here. The awards will be held in June.

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