Land Rover’s clever three-pronged model plan achieves a series of important and urgent objectives for the company, each one vital now that the marque’s core model structure is established.

The luxurious new 4x4 coupé, the £250,000 SV Coupe, strengthens Range Rover at the pinnacle of the luxury SUV range, where others such as Bentley have begun to eat its lunch. The plan for a Defender pick-up deals neatly with the ‘when will they show the icon?’ question while also finding all-important sales in a sector that Land Rover has missed in the past.

Baby SUVs to spearhead new Land Rover offensive

The plan for new compact SUVs – possibly with a Defender first – has so much potential that we’ll bet it holds top priority at Gaydon. No progressive company enjoys watching a sector grow at 28% a year without having any credible runners in the race.

Best of all, these models all promise to steer Land Rover back into traditional areas recently neglected in pursuit of success in the drive-to-school market. Extreme luxury is very much a traditional Range Rover value, while the Defender pick-up gives Land Rover a decent chance to stress ruggedness and extreme capability. Meanwhile, the new compact models at last promise an entry threshold previously set too high for many. This is important progress.

Land Rover Defender pick-up to rival Mercedes X-Class