We’ve known it’s been coming for years, but it’s still hard to make sense of the concept of a Lamborghini SUV.

After all, a key appeal of any SUV – even a 641bhp ‘super SUV’, such as the newly unveiled Urus – is practicality. Lamborghini is not a firm known for being practical or sensible; it has a long, proud history of not making much sense.

Lamborghini Urus revealed: full details and pictures

This is a company established to make sports cars by someone whose previous manufacturing experience was in tractors; whose founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, wanted to take on Ferrari but thought motorsport a waste of time and money.

A company that names its cars after bulls with the occasional exception, such as the Countach, which is derived from a regional Italian swear word. 

A company with a lucrative sideline in selling engines for powerboat racers. One that developed a military-grade off-roader, failed to sell it to the military and then decided to sell the beast to the public as the lumbering, gas-guzzling LM002

Autocar drives a Lamborghini LM002