The increased globalisation of the car industry means that “no plans for right-hand drive” has become a less-used excuse in recent years. Yet it still gets the occasional airing, including – perplexingly – when it comes to the new Opel Ampera-e.

The Opel version of the US's Chevrolet Bolt is set to go on sale across Europe next spring with a claimed range that makes the Nissan Leaf look like a glorified golf kart. The problem for British would-be buyers is that we’re not going to get it, because GM has refused to sanction right-hand drive production.

Normally we get told that left-hand-drive-only models are denied to us by either tiny potential sales or deep-rooted engineering problems. Some of Mercedes’ 4Matic all-wheel drive systems are incompatible with a right-hand drive steering box, for example, and there’s rarely a case to be made for moving the steering wheel on a hypercar that's only going to sell in tiny numbers.