These days, Ferrari model line-ups are fairly predictable. For example, most of us would’ve put money on the F8 Spider, revealed today (Monday), arriving as the drop-top sibling of the F8 Tributo and successor to the 488 Spider.

But the Italian firm is still capable of pulling the covers off something unexpected, and it did that with another drop-top unveiled today: the 812 GTS. This surprise element already means the firm has achieved one of its three key goals: unpredictability.

Commercial and marketing chief Enrico Galliera said: “We don’t want to be predictable. We want to create this so-called wow effect.”

A 211mph, 780bhp drop-top certainly has a ‘wow effect’ – but the 812 GTS car wasn’t just created to be unpredictable. It’s Ferrari’s first production-series V12 spider since the 365 GTS Daytona, launched 50 years ago. Why was there such a long hiatus, and why bring it back now?

There’s two main reasons, say Ferrari bosses. Firstly, demand.

Galliera said: “There’s been 50 years between the 365 Daytona and the 812 GTS. We’ve had some similar concepts but they were limited series, just for a limited number of clients, and today we are coming with a range car.