Snow and rain; traffic jams and roadworks; manic motorways and snowy Alpine passes; Europe threw it all at us on day three of our Nissan Qashqai road trip.

Again, the new Nissan has conquered everything we've thrown at it in its smooth, refined and comfortable way as we now leave Western Europe behind us and head further east.

The day started up in the clouds in Liechtenstein, before heading into Austria where the fog and drizzle soon made way to sleet and then snow as we headed onto an Autobahn in the mountains.

Winter tyres meant steady 60mph-plus motorway running was still possible, especially in a country with disciplined motorists and a mature infrastructure where a "we’re all going to die" attitude doesn’t creep in at the slightest hint of the white stuff.

Once we’d made it through the snow and a serious amount of tunnels – some so long they charge you nine euros for the privilege of using them – Innsbruck was the first port of call, a pretty town on the river that once hosted the Winter Olympics. They do a quality chocolate croissant and all, if you’ll forgive the Alan Partidgeism…

After heading south out of Innsbruck, Italy was next on the agenda, through some more dramatic motorways sweeping through the mountains and clouds, and via a small Austrian village to really have a proper run in the white stuff. Suffice to say, the snow chains were not needed.