You hear and read it a lot: “Give it up, Tesla’s performance is unbeatable,” that’s true, in a straight line up to 62mph. It’s also going to be rather shortlived; the next 0-62mph record holder could be only days away. 

Being two-hundredths of a second quicker to 62mph than anyone else is scientifically a big deal, but is ultimately, inconsequential to a car's merit. Everyone is building EVs, you see, and many are still building performance cars. Some are doing both.

The fact that cars can’t be boiled down to Top Trumps-style statistics and scores to determine their worth isn’t a new concept, but perhaps the diversity of the term ‘performance’ is – or is at least overlooked.

From the outside, it’s easy to miss Mazda MX-5’s appeal; although pretty, it’s not quick, expensive or exclusive. This would be foolish, though; although not the fastest or most crowd-drawing, give the MX-5 just the smallest bit of gusto and it rewards you with an involuntary smile, no matter how slow you’re going.

Same with the Morgan 3 Wheeler; every drive is a performance, every acceleration a symphony and crescendo, and every flaw is an anecdote; it’s a veritable Charles Dance amongst cars. The Nio EP9 - the electric Nürburgring record holder - could only hope to have even one iota of the Morgan's charisma, despite holding one of the most prestigious accolades in motoring.