I ought to be clear that the story linking Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes in Formula 1, which broke on the eve of the British Grand Prix on Saturday, was a collaborative effort with the team at autosport.com, with the balance of credit belonging to them.

In particular, it hinges around one source who cannot be named today lest his identity be uncovered, but who deserves full recognition if the deal comes off in the fulness of time.

But what a story it is: in simple terms we are linking Aston Martin to a deal that would put their logo back on a Formula 1 car for the first time since 1960 and lead to a sensational switch from Renault to Mercedes AMG power units for the Red Bull Racing team.

Inevitably, our story made quite an impact and caught the Formula 1 paddock off-guard, prompting many to denounce it without bothering to dig too hard. For the benefit of them, and hopefully for you, here’s some context. 

The story first came together around the Goodwood Festival of Speed a week ago. Strictly speaking, it’s not new news; Formula 1 correspondent Joe Saward – formerly of this parish – had been hinting at a deal involving Aston Martin and a Mercedes-engined team since late last year. But we had good reason to believe the deal had taken a big step towards reality.