I’d argue that the camera work in Formula 1 really doesn’t do the sport justice.

The cars are the fastest in the biz, but the use of wide, big-lens camera shots can make them look much slower than they actually are, and the use of oddly placed onboard cameras shows very little of what’s going on behind the wheel.

Thankfully, IndyCar knows how to do camera angles properly. The onboard footage in the video below comes from last weekend’s Detroit Grand Prix event, and it’s exactly the sort of stuff Formula 1 should be doing,

We’ve been given the forehead-high view of eventual Detroit winner Graham Rahal, filmed from around 10cm above his eyeline, providing us with an accurate view of what it’s like to be an IndyCar driver. And while there’s not one overtake, one major slide or a single brush of the barriers in the footage, it’s one of the most exciting onboard clips I’ve seen yet.