In one corner, we have a (very) pepped-up electric hatch from Renault called the Zoe e-sport that wants you to get excited about zero emissions.

In the other is a new 911 GT3 from Porsche that regains the option of a manual gearbox for the first time in six years.

These are two vastly different machines from two very different worlds yet, in their own ways, they both end up prioritising the same target: driving fun.

That’s why I love them both.

The Zoe affirms that affordable electric cars can be exciting, and the 911 reminds us that lovers of driving still exist in massive numbers – enough to convince Porsche to reintroduce three pedals in its track-focused model.

If these two cars have shown us anything, it’s that the future of motoring may branch off in two directions. But both have the potential to appeal to lovers of driving in their own way.

And that's a good thing.