Here’s the good news: the new Jaguar F-Pace’s spectacular loop-the-loop birth on the eve of the Frankfurt motor show is not the only thing about the car that is likely to make you go 'wow'.

A clamber around F-Pace at the Frankfurt motor show today confirmed beyond all doubt that this is a car that stands out for all the right reasons. What’s more, while I’ll admit I’m a soft touch when it comes to barrier-breaking new products, it strikes me as every bit a Jaguar in its stance, proportions and all-round execution.

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Designer Ian Callum says his favourite angle of the F-Pace is the rear three-quarters, and it’s easy to understand why. The haunches have an appealing air of Jaguar F-Type about them, and the car’s size gives it a real presence. From that line, the F-Pace shouts that it is the sports crossover that its maker says it is.