It’s rare to turn up to a motor show nowadays without knowing exactly what’s going to be there and having seen all the show stars in advance online.

Not this year in Detroit; I almost need to go on to a second hand to count the unanswered questions ahead of the show. Here are the key questions I’ll be looking for the answers to in Detroit.

1 – Just what is Ford’s new Ford Performance arm planning?

Last month, Ford announced it was merging its various performance and racing arms around the world under one new division called Ford Performance. It’s this new division that will make the big splash for Ford in Detroit, but what exactly will be shown?

There have been rumours of a GT successor for some time, and a leaked show floorplan tantalisingly reveals a space for a model called ‘Phoenix’, which is parked in between the GT40 and GT.

Excited? We are, and that’s before we even get on to the prospect of the new Focus RS being revealed alongside the Phoenix…

2 – Will Honda’s new NSX be a looker?

Unlike Ford, Honda has made an official announcement stating its model plans for Detroit, where the new NSX will finally be unveiled.