Manufacturers love teasing the UK with models which may or may not make it to the UK – or even production – with the disclaimer "if a business case is proven, it’ll come".

This is the oldest automotive cop-out in the book, so here’s the business case for bringing the Ford Bronco to Britain, as the brand confirms its resurrection at the Detroit motor show

1 – The SUV market

It's been said so many times that doesn’t need repeating, so I’ll keep it brief; the SUV market is huge. Absolutely enormous. The Bronco isn’t the average SUV; it’s more akin to a Land Rover Defender with its rugged appeal, although purists will no doubt burn effigies in my likeness for saying so.

2 – The Mustang

…is doing rather well over here. As a company with such a history and a wealth of halo models highlighting different aspects of automotive life (think GT, Mustang, RS, etc.), the SUV dimension is a little overlooked by Ford’s heritage division. The Bronco embodies this heritage. The Germans have gone mad for Mustang, so they’d likely go bonkers for the Bronco.

3 – The Defender