As we head into Formula 1's summer season, the pecking order seems to be set for the year.

Mercedes is miles ahead of the opposition and it does not seem that anything is going to change that. Renault might come up with better power units but Mercedes has a huge advantage both in terms of points and understanding, and it is hard to imagine that anyone will catch the silver cars this year. 

Good for the German manufacturer. It did a better job than everyone else and it deserves the reward.

The only variable that might make a difference – although it is doubtful that this will make enough of an impact to stop Mercedes dominating – is tyres. 

This year Pirelli has had very little coverage. The chatter has been all about engines and Pirelli has been quiet, providing solid tyres without any controversy.

That was absolutely the right thing to do; the first races of the new formula were always going to be dominated by the new engine regualations, so even if Pirelli had wanted to, it would have been hard to make an impact.

Last year Pirelli got seriously bruised in F1, but it was not really fair. Pirelli took a heap of criticism from some of the teams – notably Infiniti Red Bull Racing – about the tyres being too 'risky'.