“When we designed the first Touareg, we deliberately set out to make something different-looking; with this one, the brief was for a car that looked more like its siblings. That’s because eight years ago, VW was casting itself as a maker of even more premium, luxury cars, and Touareg Mk1 was a big part of that effort. This time around, our agenda is different.”

So says Klaus Bischoff, VW’s chief exterior designer, about the firm’s new Touareg SUV. “I would say this design is more typically, classically Volkswagen. It’s elegant and sophisticated; attractive and modern; but absolutely not stylised, not ‘fashionable’. Volkswagens must always go their own way, which is why this car doesn’t look like a Range Rover or a BMW X5. We will never make a ‘me-too’ design.”

VW Touareg unveiled

Looking at the new Touareg from the outside, its new grille and headlamp design is what immediately strikes you. It certainly suits the car better than the gauche, chrome-centric old one. That new face is strongly influenced by the new Golf and Polo. "This is the third car to get our new corporate brand look,” Bischoff says, “but there are 20 more in the pipeline for the next three years.”