It’s a shame Aston Martin’s brave announcement that it intends to put the new Cygnet (the Astonised Toyota iQ city car) into production next year should need to be accompanied by quite so much painful “explanation of the concept” by chairman Ulrich Bez and chief designer Marek Reichman.  A straightforward press announcement is accompanied by several minutes of awkward video during which the pair state the obvious: that owners of big cars find it useful also to own small ones for congested driving conditions; that the owners of luxurious big cars usually prefer their small car to be luxurious, too.

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These logical observations are pretty much smothered by talk about heritage and brand values, all of which pretty much spells out the fact that the pair are anxious about how the idea will be received in public. The concern must be that their considerable Cygnet investment is at risk.  I’d have much preferred it if this usually optimistic pair had sold the idea with gung-ho confidence. Bez is always having radical ideas: how’s about this for another one? Reichman has lots of form as a master designer: doesn’t this micro-Aston look great?