Now in its second year, the Heveningham Hall Concours d’Elegance takes a familiar formula and gives it a little twist. Rather than boringly arranging the cars on a flat lawn, they are spread over five levels on a beautifully terraced garden behind the manor house.

Being able to see all 50 cars at once is quite something, especially given the quality of the vehicles on display. These ranged from a 1903 Berliet 4L right up to a 2017 LaFerrari Aperta. Throw in the likes of a Gulf Racing Porsche 917, Blower Bentley and a McLaren P1 GTR, and it’s fair to say that there’s something to pique the interest of any petrolhead.

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Refreshingly, this isn’t some invite-only or hideously expensive event – it’s open to anyone and is within a country fair on the estate. Watching families walk round the exhibits, you can’t help but imagine that the next generation of motoring enthusiast is being formed right in front of you.

Heveningham already has an eye on next year’s event, hoping to top this year on quality if not quantity. Like Villa d’Este, the plan is to keep to a small but special group of cars rather than invite anything onto the terrace.